Days of Our Lives Star Bill Hayes Passed Away At the Age of 98!

Days of Our Lives star Bill Hayes passed away at the age of 98, on 12th January 2024. You know what the greatest equalizer is..yes Death. Death is a destination that unites us all regardless of diverse paths in life.

The only truth in life is death and nobody can do it from this fact because it is the ultimate goal that we all have to attain.

So today’s article is on one of the sad news about our beloved star from the world of soap Opera “Days Of Our Lives” Bill Hayes is no longer with us!! He died at the age of 98 on Friday surrounded by family.

So to have more knowledge and insights about the actor all you need to do is just keep on reading this article till the end and you will be having every one of them in front of you!!!!

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Who is Bill Hayes?

 Bill Hayes
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Bill Hayes was born on June 5, 1925, in America. Apart from acting he also worked in the field of recording voices and music. He got into acting in the late 1960s and got a rule in 1970 of Doug William in the TV show “Days Of Our Lives” which continued to play until 2023.

He had worked in many TV shows and films. Also won awards like the Daytime Emmy Award for being an outstanding actor and the Soapy Award for Actor of the Year in 1977.

Bill Hayes always used to say “Take each day as it comes, don’t overthink it.”

The show “Day’s Of Our Lives” has Been part of our lives and household for a long time. Hayes played the role of Doug William and made us laugh and cry with his acting which made us fall in love with his character.

Though he is not with us today the legacy he shared through his acting will always stay in our hearts. And we all are thankful to him that he made us Lough, memories and many years of entertainment rollercoaster he provided. He will always remain and reside in the hearts of all the fans.

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