Damsel Ending Explained!!!

Damsel Ending Explained: Netflix’s latest fantasy film, Damsel, stars Millie Bobby Brown in a new role where by the end of the film she proves herself to be a hero, not just a damsel in distress. The story begins with Elodie reluctantly agreeing to marry a prince from another kingdom to save her people.

However, she soon discovers that Prince Henry and his mother have sinister intentions. They’re involved in a scheme where innocent young women are offered to a dragon during wedding ceremonies as payment for past wrongs. Elodie discovers the truth and manages to escape the dragon’s cave.

However, her return becomes inevitable when Queen Isabelle sacrifices her little sister, Floria, to the beast.

Despite the challenges, Elodie confronts the dragon and eventually finds a way to make peace with it, leading to a happy ending for both of them in Damsel. If you want to know more about how Damsel ended, keep reading this article for further details.

Damsel Ending Explained!


The dragon wanted revenge on Elodie because centuries ago, the king killed the dragon’s three daughters. In return, the dragon killed the king’s men. The king then offered his three daughters to the dragon, starting a tradition where three daughters are sacrificed every generation.

Elodie, about to marry the Prince, discovered she was not of royal blood and confronted the dragon. In a fierce battle, she physically disabled the dragon and saved his life with magical creatures. Elodie’s father sacrificed her to save their people but regretted it.

He apologized to Elodie before the dragon killed him. In the end, Elodie revealed the truth to the dragon, who chose not to kill her but burned the kingdom instead.

The movie sends a feminist message as Elodie, independent, leaves with Lady Bayford and her sister Floria.

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What Happens To The Dragon By The End Of The Film Damsel?


As Elodie and her people sail back home, they notice the dragon flying alongside them. It’s uncertain what the dragon’s next move will be. Earlier in the story, she mentioned being the last of her kind, hinting she might search for other dragons.

But seeing her maintain eye contact with Elodie and sticking close to her ship suggests she might join Elodie’s people on their journey. Since she lacks family, she might make a home in Elodie’s kingdom, becoming allies with her.

While the dragon’s future remains unclear in “Damsel,” she seems to be in a better place than before, much like Elodie. They may stick together from now on.

Unfortunately, the ending of “Damsel” doesn’t provide much closure, and it’s unlikely that a sequel will provide more answers. This is unfortunate, as there’s potential to further develop Brown’s character and the fantasy world introduced in the first movie.