Aaron Taylor-Johnson to Heist In Upcoming Movie Fuze!

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Director David Mackenzie are all set to reunite for an upcoming movie named Fuze! Fasten your speed belts and get ready to witness another explosion reunion of Actor Aaron Taylor Johnson and director David Mackenzie for one more time.

The duo  Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Director David Mackenzie has previously worked together on the historical drama ‘Outlaw King’ and are now they will be joining for the stake heist ‘Fuze’. The upcoming film promises to be an equal blend of action and suspense with a touch of drama.

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What Is Aaron Taylor-Johnson Starrer Fuze All About?

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

The plot of the film ‘Fuze’ revolves around the revelation and discovery of an unexpected bomb from World War II found at the construction site somewhere in London which has not exploded.

The story proceeds to spark the mass evacuation while the bomb experts try their best to defuse it however the distraction caused by the bomb gives the perfect opportunity for a bank heist.

In this whole chaos, Taylor Johnson finds the perfect opportunity for the heist which he was waiting for long ago and finally, he sees this evacuation as the chance to finish his daring operation. Film Fuze is not just about planning a heist but also executing the plan at any cost taking every possible risk.

The film is directed by Mackenzie who is popularly known for his character-driven approaches and this time also it is intended to blend suspense and thrill just like the previous project.

It would be very thrilling to watch the film as on one side the clock is ticking and the bomb will explode at any time and the heist and its complexities on the other side, so it is going to be worth it to watch such a mind-buzzing film.

This is not the first time Taylor and Mackenzie have worked together, they have already worked together on a previous project named ‘Outlaw King’ which was greatly received by everyone and got many appraisals from critics for Taylor-Johnson’s powerful and genuine performance, the film was a blockbuster.

This time it is expected that Fuze is also going to be a blockbuster as the storyline has promised to build anticipation among netizens.