Paris Jackson Speaks About Covering Up Her (80 Plus Tattoos)! for Grammys 2024!

Paris Jackson shocked everyone at the 2024 Grammys as she was seen without tattoos, however revealing the truth, Paris Jackson said for the big event she had to have her tattoos covered with makeup.

For those who were thinking she got rid of her tattoos for good, they might be disappointed after hearing this news.

Paris Jackson at Grammy Awards 2024!

Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson who is known for her captivating abilities, stole the limelight of Grammy Awards 2024 and specially it was her dress that turned heads towards her.

She was outshining in the sleek black gown of Celine showing her 80-plus tattoos. Paris is known for her impressive ink art on her boxy that can easily get the attention of people and also for which she struggles to conceal them on some occasions like this year’s Grammys.

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Here Is What Does Paris Jackon Said About Her Tattoos.

Paris Jackson

On the red carpet Paris Jackson interacted with her fans, clicked photographs with them, and also answered the questions she was asked in the red carpet interview where she shed the spotlight on her decision to get inked on her entire body, she said that tattoos are something that she loves with which she is in immense love as well with piercings too.

She said that she lives to modify and transform her body and give it a new look however sometimes it is important to hide her body tattoos especially when she wears a dress at an event or fashion as she believes that it is important to attract attention towards the fashion she carries at that time rather than to her tattoos.

This statement made it evident enough that she exactly knows how to carry herself and knows the relationship between fashion and passion.

Moreover, Jackson shared some of her Instagram videos in which it can be seen that she along with her makeup team artists do an effortless job of hour-long periods just to hide every inch of ink.

So it is not easy for her to conceal every tattoo but she and her make team’s dedication says a lot and speaks volumes about their work.

Paris Jackson is a very young artist who is currently 25 years old. She is a child of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe. She has even signed a deal with Republic Records and she made her first debut in a solo album back on October 29th, 2020 ‘Let Down’.

Spotting Jackson on the red carpet fans filled with happiness and joy. Fans applauded Jackson for her versatility and for her fashion sense the way she carries every outfit with her tattoos.