Lily Collins Resumed Filming for Emily In Paris Season 4!

Recently Lily Collins was spotted in a very new look for Emily In Paris Season 4 Netflix Series, and now some rumors filming for the series has already started.

Fans who have enjoyed watching the previous three seasons of this comedy series on Netflix which is titled Emily in Paris are eagerly waiting to witness the 4th season at the earliest date possible but let us tell you that the film in production work on the fourth season is being delayed due to different different problems faced by the makers.

So today we are here to make you realize that the work and production on the fourth part of the series have already been started as reported by the main character of the series, Emily the character who is played by Lily Collins.

So without making any further delays let us quickly move on so that we can give you every detail and update associated with the upcoming fourth part of the series which will be titled Emily in Paris Season 4, by that time all you need to do is keep on reading this article till the end!!!!!

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Here Is More About Lily Collins Started Filming for Emily in Paris Season 4?

Lily Collins

This is the pure age of social media and the internet and nothing can be hidden from the digital content few words for a longer duration because celebrities share every of minute details along with their fans.

So on the 19th of January 2024 Emily in Paris star Lily Collins shared a picture on her Instagram handle and informed the viewers that the cast of the popular Netflix comedy series had reconvened in Paris to begin production on the strike-delayed Season 4.

In her Instagram post, she also shared the reasons with the fans why the shooting which was about to take place in the summer of last year was delayed until January of this year. She shared that WGA and the SAG-AFTRA strikes are responsible for all the delays that are being held in the shooting of the series.

Let us just quickly brief you about the basic storyline of this comedy series on Netflix:

It follows the life story of a girl named Emily, played by Collins, an ambitious marketing executive from Chicago.

After she lands her dream job in the city of Paris, however, to add more to the information let us tell you that Season 4 is shaping up to be a big one for Mindy who is headed to Eurovision.

Stay updated and thanks for reading:)