House of Ninjas Official Trailer Is Out Now on Netflix!

House of Ninjas: Netflix Releases the Hyper-Charged and Bloody Trailer for the Assassin Thriller Series! In February 2024, writer-director Dave Boyle will release a drama series featuring a mix of crime and thrills and a hint of rescuing the world as we know it.

The fascinating trailer has left viewers curious to see what the series is about since there is enough action and conversations about toxins that kill people to keep things entertaining.

Therefore, the series will appeal to many fans fascinated by the mystery behind ninjas and what makes them such a deadly but trustworthy force in Japan.

House of Ninja | Official Trailer

The trailer teases a show about a Ninja clan returning to action and swords to save Japan from an unexpected crisis and a ruthless enemy. House of Ninjas knows precisely what it is doing, and it does it well. It’s exciting, and the trailer’s fast pace hints at what’s to come!

The trailer shows the destroyed and alienated life of the Tawara family, the last ninja family to abandon their ninja existence when a mission went wrong and tragedy hit. But, as unexpected calamities and intentional killings tear apart Japan, the mysterious ninjas must return to defend the country.

The trailer further shows that the Tawara family has scattered, living typical lives, desperately trying to be “normal,” as often stated throughout the trailer. But what average family can throw silverware into a cupboard without a second thought or know when to use Kyushu and pressure points to cause pain, paralysis, or death?

House of Ninjas promises to be a powerful blend of drama, sadness, hope, connection, ninjutsu, smooth killings, and spectacular action sequences. The series will premiere just in time to spice up Valentine’s Week with some thrills and excitement.

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The Cast and Crew of House of Ninja

House of Ninja

The main cast includes the following :

Kaku Kento plays the main role of Haru.
Kora Kengo plays the role of Gaku.
Makita Aju plays the role of Nagi.
Eguchi Yosuke plays the role of Souichi.
Kimura Tae plays the role of Yoko.
Miyamoto Nobuko plays the role of Taki.

Other cast members have been confirmed.

Riho Yoshioka as Karen Ito
Kyusaku Shimada as Kosaku Kuze
Tokio Emoto as Masamitsu Oki
Mariko Tsutsui as Toko Mukai
Tomorowo Taguchi as Jin Hamashima
Pierre Taki as Zensuke Omi
Tenta Banka as Riku

House of Ninjas will be released on February 15, 2024.