Delicious In Dungeon Episode 5 Is Out to Watch Now!

Delicious In Dungeon Episode 5 Watch Now. Well, the next episode of Delicious in Dungeon, episode 5, is set to be released in February 2024. This episode will cover chapters 10 and 11 of the manga.

In the earlier episodes, the focus has been on Laios’ party as they explore and discover new types of food in the dungeon. Episode 4, which was released on January 25, 2024, adapted chapters 8 and 9 of the manga.

These chapters delve into Senshi’s daily life and work within the dungeon, highlighting the existence of orcs and their mistreatment by other races.

If you’re interested in learning more about Episode 5, including the release date, a recap of the previous episode, and what to expect in the upcoming one, keep reading this article until the end.

Delicious In Dungeon Episode 5 Watch Now.

Delicious In Dungeon Episode 5
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The next episode of Delicious in Dungeon, Episode 5, is scheduled to come out in Japan on Saturday, February 1, 2024, at 10:30 pm JST.

The manga that the show is based on has already finished with 97 chapters. You can catch Episode 5 on Tokyo MX in Japan, and if you’re a Netflix user, the series will be exclusively available for streaming there.

Netflix will release the episodes with both subtitles and dubbed versions at the same time. The anime is set to have a total of 24 episodes, and Episode 4 covered two chapters from the manga. Considering this pace, it’s likely that the first season will conclude around the middle of the manga.

However, there’s a chance the studio might choose to trim down less important parts or adapt the entire manga in one season. The animation is done by Studio Trigger, a studio initially appreciated by a smaller group but gained wider recognition after its involvement in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

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Recap Of Episode 4 Of Delicious In Dungeon

Delicious In Dungeon Episode 5

In episode 4 of Delicious in Dungeon, Senshi, the leader of the party, guides them through the third floor of the dungeon. He skillfully avoids undead creatures and steers the group away from golem threats.

However, Marcille, who knows a lot about magical beings, questions Senshi about farming golems on this level, accusing him of messing with magical cores without permission.

Senshi then takes the party to his camp, where he surprisingly harvests vegetables from the golems. Marcille becomes suspicious as Senshi effortlessly deals with the golems and tends to the soil.

Despite ethical concerns, the party helps Senshi plant new seeds into the golems. To everyone’s surprise, Senshi also replaces the golems’ cores, showing a caring side toward these magical creatures.

To prevent wasting the surplus vegetables, the group decides to trade them at a dubious dungeon establishment. Unfortunately, orcs attack, revealing that Senshi has been trading with them. The orc leader demands the party’s food in exchange for safety.

Senshi negotiates a deal for the party to stay the night in the orc camp, leading to unexpected interactions and a truce between Laios and the orc leader. Amidst the tension, Senshi calmly bakes bread, bringing an unexpected resolution to the episode.

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What To Expect From Episode 5 Of Delicious In Dungeon?

Delicious In Dungeon Episode 5
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In the next episode of Delicious in Dungeon (Episode 5), you’re going to see what happens to Laios’ group when they eat food they find in the dungeon. The food has some bad effects on them, and you’ll get to see how it affects the characters.