Chained Soldier Episode 5 Is Out to Watch Now!

Chained Soldier Episode 5 Is Out to Watch: Well, the fifth episode of Chained Soldier is scheduled to air in February 2024 at 11 PM JST. In this episode, Himari and Yuuki engage in a battle against Yachiho. They feel confident due to their previous successful attack, which they rewound.

However, Yachiho hints at possessing new powers that Himari has not encountered before, leaving fans eager to discover what will happen next. Unfortunately, there are no spoilers available for episode 5 at the moment.

Despite the lack of spoiler information, fans can at least look forward to the confirmed release date and time of the highly-anticipated episode. This article provides a detailed breakdown of all the currently available information about the release of Chained Soldier episode 5 and more

Chained Soldier Episode 5 Watch Now!

Chained Soldier Episode 5

Episode 5 of Chained Soldier will premiere on Japanese TV networks at 11 PM JST on Thursday, February 1, 2024.

For some fans outside Japan, this means the episode will be available early Friday morning in their local time.

However, most international fans will have access to the episode on Thursday, similar to Japanese viewers, though the exact time it becomes available depends on their region and timezone.

International viewers can watch the episode on HIDIVE approximately one hour after it airs in Japan. Since Crunchyroll isn’t showing the series in its Winter 2024 lineup, HIDIVE seems to be the only official option for streaming the show internationally.

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Recap Of Episode 4 Of Chained Soldier

Chained Soldier Episode 5

In the fourth episode of Chained Soldier, Izumo and Yachiho invited Kyouka and her team to participate in a friendly match between squads. The 7th Squad agreed to the challenge.

Himari, a member of the 7th Squad, revealed her unique ability to Yuuki – she can mimic the abilities of others she has witnessed in action.

Her strategy against Yachiho was to copy Kyouka’s ability and make Yuuki her ally in the fight. After some hesitation, Yuuki and Himari started training.

During their practice, Yuuki experienced a surprising transformation, gaining increased speed but losing some of his usual power. Despite this setback, they continued their training and eventually discovered a way to focus Yuuki’s power for a decisive move.

On the day of the match, Yachiho and Himari faced off first. Yuuki transformed without objection, and they initiated their first attack, catching Yachiho off guard and sending her flying. However, Yachiho used her power to rewind time, prompting Himari to adapt their strategy.

The episode concluded with Yachiho hinting at a new aspect of her ability, called “Prime Time,” which surprised Himari as she wasn’t aware of it.

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What To Expect From Episode 5 Of Chained Soldier?

Chained Soldier Episode 5
Anime Corner

In episode 5 of Chained Soldier, Himari and Yuuki face a tough challenge. Yachiho, with her mysterious “Prime Time” technique, presents a formidable obstacle that the duo seems unprepared for.

While we don’t know the exact details of this technique yet, Yachiho strongly believes it will leave Himari and Yuuki without a clear solution.

Throughout the episode, Himari and Yuuki struggle to survive against the unknown power of “Prime Time.” They will spend most of their time trying to understand how it works and how to counter it.

Despite the intense challenges, considering the series’ pacing so far, it’s likely that the episode will conclude with Himari and Yuuki emerging victorious after successfully overcoming the hurdles posed by the “Prime Time” technique.