When Is Blue Lock Chapter 249 Coming?

When Is Blue Lock Chapter 249 Coming? Well, Blue Lock chapter 249 is expected to come out in January 2024, specifically at midnight in Japan Standard Time. The manga hasn’t mentioned any breaks, so fans can anticipate the release to stick to its usual schedule.

If you’re eager to read the new chapter, you can find it on the K Manga website or app. In the last chapter, Buratsata proposed his plans to the PIFA president for the upcoming U-20 World Cup.

Meanwhile, the chapter also laid the groundwork for the final two matches of the tournament, revealing the starting lineups for Bastard Munchen and Paris X Gen teams.

To get the full details on Chapter 249 of Blue Lock, including its release date, a recap of the previous chapter, and hints about what’s coming next, keep reading this article till the end.

When Is Blue Lock Chapter 249 Coming?

Blue Lock Chapter 249
Blue Lock Manga Online

Blue Lock Chapter 249 is set to be released globally on Tuesday, January 30, 2024. However, if you’re a Blue Lock fan in Japan, you’ll have to wait until Wednesday, January 31, 2024, at midnight JST.

The chapter is titled “The Beginning.” You can read it on Kodansha’s K Manga platform, which is available on both their website and mobile apps.

Unfortunately, this manga service is currently only accessible in the United States, with no news about availability in other regions so far. If you’re outside the U.S., you might need to explore other options, like buying a physical copy of Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen magazine or purchasing the manga digitally.

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Recap Of Chapter 248 Of Blue Lock

Blue Lock Chapter 249
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In Blue Lock chapter 248, titled Final Fight, Buratsuta discussed how BLTV had become very popular. The JFU President wanted the PIFA President to consider his ideas for the upcoming U-20 football World Cup. Then, Noel Noa revealed Bastard Muchen’s strategy for the match against Paris X Gen.

Kiyora and Hiori took the places of Yukimiya and Kurona. The Master Striker also mentioned his plan to make aggressive player substitutions. So, the benched players needed to make the most of their chance.

Soon after, the players entered the field, and Paris X Gen’s lineup was unveiled, featuring Rin, Shido, Karasu, Zantetsu, Tokimitsu, and Nanase in the starting eleven.

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What To Expect From Chapter 249 Of Blue Lock?

Blue Lock Chapter 249
Blue Lock Manga Online

In Blue Lock Chapter 249, titled “The Beginning,” it’s likely that the match between Bastard Munchen and Paris X Gen will take place. This chapter might reveal how the France team works with their double aces system.

Moreover, readers could gain insights into Charles Chevalier’s role in controlling the midfield and making defense-cutting passes.

There’s also a possibility that the chapter will focus on the Manshine City vs Barcha match, shedding light on Reo Mikage’s plan to boost NagiSeishiro’s confidence. If this happens, fans may witness Nagi returning to his old form.