When Is Doctor Elise Episode 4 Coming?

When Is Doctor Elise Episode 4 Coming? Well, Episode 4 of Doctor Elise is scheduled to premiere in January 2024 at 9:30 pm JST. In the last episode, Elise achieved success at Teresa Hospital, and fans are eager to see her continue her impressive journey in the upcoming release.

However, the arrival of Prince Linden could potentially jeopardize Elise’s dreams, leaving fans anxious for confirmation. Unfortunately, there are no spoilers available for Episode 4 as of now, which is typical for the series but still disappointing.

On a positive note, fans can look forward to the confirmed release date and time for the highly-anticipated first episode of the series. This article will provide a detailed breakdown of all the current release information for Doctor Elise Episode 4 and more.

When Is Doctor Elise Episode 4 Coming?

Doctor Elise Episode 4

Episode 4 of Doctor Elise will be broadcast on Japanese TV networks at 9:30 pm JST on Wednesday, January 31, 2024. If you’re an international fan, some of you might catch it early on Thursday morning in your local time.

However, most international fans will get to watch the episode on the same Wednesday, but the exact time depends on your location and timezone.

You can stream the episode on Crunchyroll about an hour after it airs in Japan. Funimation is removing both old and new titles, making Crunchyroll the go-to platform for streaming anime from any year.

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Recap Of Episode 3 Of Doctor Elise?

Doctor Elise Episode 4

In the third episode of Doctor Elise, the story kicks off with Elise discovering that she will be learning under the brilliant Doctor Graham.

Despite her true identity being kept a secret, she won’t be receiving any special treatment. When she meets Graham, she introduces herself as Rose and manages to impress him.

Graham then explains her responsibilities at the hospital, which include overseeing patients with severe illnesses who lack family support and are beyond regular help.

Elise is instructed to do what she can for these patients without being reckless. She starts by cleaning the ward to improve hygiene and later performs a successful surgery to remove a patient’s bedsores.

Simultaneously, her advice on the King’s illness gains recognition from a respected doctor. The King himself seeks updates on the Kusef Campaign, where Elise’s counsel proves beneficial. Graham faces criticism for how he manages Elise’s tasks, leading him to visit the upgraded ward.

Doubting that Rose conducted surgery on her own, he tests her skills and eventually acknowledges her capability.

He proposes to formalize their relationship as teacher and student, a proposition Elise gladly accepts. The episode concludes with the King sending Linden to check on Elise at Teresa Hospital.

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What To Expect From Episode 4 Of Doctor Elise?

Doctor Elise Episode 4
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In Doctor Elise episode 4, Elise, who has experienced success before, is about to face her first major challenge since returning to her original self. The upcoming installment hints at her true identity being revealed to Graham when Linden arrives, which could severely damage their relationship.

However, before Linden’s arrival, the focus of the episode will be on Elise and Graham. They will be shown bonding and achieving success as a newly formed teacher and student duo.

Graham is also hinted to be Elise’s love interest in this version of her life, and viewers can anticipate subtle signs of their affection in the upcoming release.