Is Masters of the Air Season 2 Renewed or Not?

Will there be Masters of the Air Season 2 or not? Let’s find out the details you need to know about the Apple TV Plus series.

The arrival of the third series following Band of Brothers and its 2010 predecessor, The Pacific, Masters of the Air is invoking a sense of excitement amongst viewers across the globe. The show will be released in 2024, promising a grappling narrative. Are you sold yet?

What Could be the Possible Plot of Masters of the Air Season 2?

Masters of the Air Season 2
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Adapted from Donald L. Miller’s famous book and penned by John Orloff ‘Masters of the Air’ revolves around picturing the harrowing experiences of the “Bloody Hundredth”.

The men in question have faced brutalities smack in their face, as the horrific reality of war and combat hits them hard at 25000 feet. Their enemy? The Nazi Germany.

The show takes a deep dive into the emotional perspectives and experiences of these men, portraying their fate as these unsung young heroes sacrifice everything on the line.

The sadder reality of the war is portrayed as the series goes on to show how several men were captured, wounded, and even killed whilst a happier ending is also shown on the flipside, as a few of these men make it back home – but all are made to pay a price in the fight against Hitler’s Third Reich.

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How Many Episodes Does the Series Have?

Masters of the Air Season 2

Masters of the Air has a total of nine episodes – which falls shy of one episode compared to Band of Brothers and The Pacific.

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When does the series release on Apple TV+?

Masters of the Air Season 2

The dystopian series is hit to drop on screens weekly. The schedule has already started from January 26th, 2024, with subsequent episodes airing every Friday – typically at midnight ET.

With that being said, I think it’s safe to say that there’s enough time to consume the chemistry in each episode before moving over and prepping for the next one.

Are you excited about the next airing? Watch the second episode of the series on 2nd February, this Friday.