Orion and the Dark Confirm Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and More!

All the animation lovers who have a subscription to Netflix soon you are going to have a brand new treat for your eyes as Netflix is going to come up with a brand new animated series titled Orion and the Dark and it is going to be a combination of action, adventure, and comedy in an animated movie.

It is going to come up on your screens in February 2024 so if you want to know everything about this upcoming movie all you need to do is just keep on reading this article till the end and you will have all of the information along with you.

So without making any further delays let us just quickly move on so that you can be the most updated person about this upcoming animated movie by the time all you need to do is just keep on reading this article till the end!!!!

When Will Orion and the Dark Be Released?

Orion and the Dark

The makers have revealed the official release date of the animated series Orion and the Dark as the 2nd of February 2024.

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What Is Going to be the Runtime of Orion and the Dark?

We have also got the official information regarding the official run time of the movie which is one hour and 30 minutes.

What is going to be the basic storyline of this upcoming animated movie titled Orion and the Dark?

Orion who is going to be the protagonist of the story seems a lot like your average elementary school kid shy, unassuming, harboring a secret crush. But underneath his seemingly normal exterior, Orion is a ball of adolescent anxiety, completely consumed by irrational fears of bees, dogs, the ocean, cell phone waves, murderous gutter clowns, and even falling off of a cliff. But of all his fears, the thing he’s the most afraid of is what he confronts on a nightly basis: the dark.

So when the literal embodiment of his worst fear pays a visit, Dark whisks Orion away on a roller coaster ride around the world to prove there is nothing to be afraid of in the night.

As the unlikely pair grows closer, Orion must decide if he can learn to accept the unknown stop letting fear control his life, and finally embrace the joy of living.

This is the basic premise provided by the makers to give a hint about the things that are going to take place in it.
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