Through My Window 3: Looking at You Official Trailer Released on Netflix!

During Netflix’s Tudum 2023, a third film in the Through My Window film series was revealed as coming soon to Netflix. It’s called Through My Window 3: Looking at You, and we’ve included all we know so far about the upcoming romantic movie.

The first sequel, titled Through My Window: Across the Sea, debuted on Netflix on June 23. We now have the official title and release date for the second sequel, Through My Window: Looking at You.

Through My Window 3: Looking at You | Official Trailer

Old flames burn fiercely in Netflix’s new ‘Through My Window 3: Looking at You’ trailer. With Across the Sea ending on such a sad note, the fate of Ares and Raquel’s romance is unclear.

The two will cross paths again in Barcelona, where their obvious affections and chemistry will cause flames between them. Whether they find a way to reignite old loves or not, all will be explained (hopefully) when Through My Window: Looking At You is released.

In the recently released trailer, Ares apologizes to Raquel for all that happened between them, pointing out how the two work hard to move on from the end of their relationship. But would they put themselves through such pain again? The first film in the series follows Raquel as she embarks on a romantic adventure to win Ares’s heart.

Despite the ups and downs of their love story, the two finally became a couple, setting the stage for the second part, which will be nothing short of romantic. The second part of the franchise did not end on a good note, as the two loves did not get together.

They have life sorted out, with Raquel succeeding in her ambition to become a writer and Ares studying pre-med at a Stockholm-based university.

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The Cast and Crew of Through My Window 3: Looking at You.

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The official cast list for the third movie has yet to be revealed. However, a teaser trailer released during Netflix’s Tudum highlighted several of the cast members who will appear in the third movie. The actors’ names and roles are shown below.

Clara Galle as Raquel
Emilia Lazo as Claudia
Andrea Chaparro as Vera
Iván Lapadula as Gregory
Eric Masip as Artemis
Hugo Arbués as Apolo
Julio Peña as Ares
Guillermo Lasheras as Yoshi
Carla Tous as Anna
Natalia Azahara as Daniela

Through My Window: Looking At You is set to be released on February 23. Although the maturity rating has yet to be released, it will most likely be TV-MA, like the last two films were. This means it is meant for mature adult audiences.