Sofia Vergara Spoke About Being Limited By Her Accent In Hollywood!

Sofia Vergara is currently among the topmost actresses in Hollywood, the 51-year-old rose to fame back in 2009 when she made her appearance in the popular comedy series Modern Family.

Sofia has been in the industry since the 1990s, she started her career as a co-host in a Spanish show and her acting debut was in 2003 with a comedy film Chasing Papi which was hugely appreciated. Post her initial success she went on to do movies like Four Brothers, Meet the Browns, Medea Goes to Jail, and Smurfs.

Sofia Vergara’s Rise to Fame.

Sofia Vergara

In 2009, Sofia was featured in the sitcom Modern Family and it is still one of the most popular television shows in history Sofia established herself as a star in the industry after the success.

Over the years, Sofia has been part of some successful films and has won tons of awards and accolades, she also became the highest-paid actress in Hollywood for the year 2020.

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Sofia Vergara’s Struggle With Her Accent.

Sofia Vergara
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Recently, Sofia gave an interview to the LA Times where she talked about how her acting roles are confined only to some specific characters because of the way she speaks. Sofia confessed that she always looks for different characters while picking a project. She aspires to do a role of a scientist or maybe a role in a movie like Schindler’s List but she can’t do that because of her accent.

Recently the much-awaited Netflix series “Griselda” was released and Sofia has done amazing work in it, thanks to her accent. Sofia has portrayed the role of Griselda Blanco Restrepo, aka Cocaine Godmother who was a Colombian drug lord.

Sofia talked about how she was initially hesitant about doing the role as she felt that she wouldn’t be able to shed the role of Gloria Pritchett as has been doing it for years now.

Fortunately for Sofia and us fans, her son Manolo Vergara convinced and made her feel confident and she finally did and delivered an amazing performance.