How Does Uma Thurman Make Money Apart From Acting?

Uma Thurman is a very popular, iconic, and versatile actress known for her captivating roles in fiction like Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Batman and Robin. She has built an aura by doing many multifaceted performances in her career on the silver screen.

Although acting remains her primary income but actress has some more streams to add up values to her net worth.

Thurman is so captivating and elegant actress, she knows how and when to turn heads effortlessly because of that she has been the face of many luxurious and popular brands including Louis Vuitton, Schweppes, and many more to the list.

She used to appear in ad shoots as well as participate in campaigns and on the red carpet. Which actress charges big pay cheques for her partnerships.

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Here Is More About How Does Uma Thurman Make Money Apart From Acting?

Uma Thurman

The actress Uma Thurman is not only an actress in front of the camera but she also plays a major role behind the camera as an actress being a director and producer too. She has co-founded a production company ‘Handsomecharlie Films’ with her close friends Rebecca Miller and Natalie Portman.

Together they try to focus on women-centred films just as ‘A Tale of Love and Darkness’ and ‘No Strings Attached’ which were big hits and have earned a lot of money and appraisals from critics. Her production line showcases her dominant side in the industry.

Thurman has been also involved with voiceovers and narrations. She has even lent her voice to many characters in many animated series or movies, audio books documentaries such as ‘Batman Arkham City’. These voiceovers increased her reputation and personal performance up to the next extent along with her income.

Actress Thurman has been engaged even with many beauty and fashion companies too. She has collaborated with GAP, and H&M for promoting and advertising their clothing line. Back in year 2005 actress introduced her own fragrance company named ‘Uma’ which again expanded her income sources.

Like many other personalities, the actress has also made Investments in many real estate and start-up ventures focusing on future increments. She owns lavish properties in New York, London, and Hamptons that are not only luxurious properties but hold great value in the future.

From all these, it can be concluded that the actress has a strong financial background for the future.