Supersex Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and More!

Netflix has dropped the newest trailer for ‘Supersex’, the series inspired by the real-life of global porn star Rocco Siffredi – which is intended to premiere at the Berlin Film Festival on March 6.

We all know about Rocco’s services and presence in the entertainment industry, “Every power is an enigma. It can give you light, or throw you into darkness. But every existence lived to its fullest always has a price to pay” is heard as a voiceover as the screen shows Siffredi bombarded by fans across the globe.

If you’re wondering what the show is about – we’re guessing it’s self-explanatory. It revolves around a simple guy from central Italy, and how his journey from being Rocco Tano to Rocco Siffredi, the most popular pornstar in the world.

What Do We Know About the Supersex?

Well, we know that the hyped Supersex series was created and written by famous screenwriter Francesca Manieri – an Italian renowned for her feminist works including ‘We Are Who We Are’.

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Who Is Cast in the Show?


Rocco Siffredi is played by Italian A-lister star Alessandro Borghi, and alongside him, Jasmine Trinca plays Lucia, a fictional female character who represents the epitome of most women that Rocco dated in his life.

Adriano Gianni plays Tommasco, Rocco’s half-brother and Saul Nanni plays a young Rocco. Other cast members include Enrico Borello, Vicenzo Nemolato, Gaia Messerklinger as female Italian porn star Moana Pozzi, Jade Pedri and finally Linda Caridi.

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What Is the Release Date of the Series?


According to sources, we know that ‘Supersex’ will be released on Netflix on 6th March 2024 – so keep your shirt on because things will be getting pretty steamy for OTT viewers!

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How Many Episodes Are In the Series?


There are 7 episodes in a single season but we do not know the duration as it is yet to be announced. However, we do know that we should expect sex scenes in almost every episode given Alessandro Borghi mentioned that he ‘filmed 50 s*x scenes in 95 days for the series’.