The Blacklist Season 10 Netflix US Release Date Revealed!

In a great treat for fans, Season 10 of The Blacklist marks ten years of collaboration between fans and the show.

Unfortunately, the tenth season also cues the series’ end since the last episode has been announced as the series finale. As the program approaches its end, viewers are naturally curious about how this antihero’s journey ends. So, here’s all we know about The Blacklist season 10.

When Will the Blacklist Season 10 Be Released in US?

The Blacklist Season 10

The long-running NBC series The Blacklist has completed its 10th and final season, which is now available on Netflix in many regions. However, the US could have been faster in picking up the latest season, but we now have an official release date for the last set of episodes. Season 10 of The Blacklist will premiere on Netflix US on February 11th, 2024.

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The Cast and Crew of The Blacklist Season 10.

The Blacklist Season 10

James Spader, a three-time Emmy winner, continues to headline The Blacklist. Spader has been on several critically praised series during his career, such as Boston Legal, The Practice, and The Office. He has also appeared in Lincoln & voiced Ultron in the mega-hit film Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Diego Klattenhoff (Homeland), Hisham Tawfiq (Harlem), and Harry Lennix (Billions) join Spader in season 10. Also, watch for the new cast addition Anya Banerjee (Auckward Love), who portrays Siya Malik.

Malik should be recognizable to those who have been watching the show since season one. Siya is the daughter of slain agent Meera Malik (Parminder Nagra).

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What Can Be the Expected Storyline of the Season 10?

The Blacklist Season 10
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Season 9, two years after Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) died and the FBI task force was disbanded, saw the lives of all of the former task force members, as well as Raymond Reddington, entirely turned upside down.

Recently, the team members returned to their original goal and tracked the Blacklist criminals to eliminate them permanently. However, following the 9th season finale, Red has difficulty because his role as an FBI informant has become public due to Marvin Gerard’s actions. This juicy information will make a few Blacklist members unhappy, and they may seek revenge.

In addition, the departure of two long-standing characters from the series will impact the upcoming season’s storyline. Now, Red & the task force crew will need to reorganize. The upcoming tenth season will feature MI6 intelligence officer Siya Malik. This character stands out since she is Meera Malik’s daughter.

Meera Malik appeared in practically the entire first season of The Blacklist. She was a CIA operative taken to the FBI to assist in the Reddington investigation. In the end, she was ambushed and killed in cold blood by a killer.

Siya may be following in her mother’s footsteps to learn more about what she did and the circumstances behind Meera’s unfortunate death.

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When will Season 10 of The Blacklist be available in different regions?

The Blacklist Season 10
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The Blacklist is available in most territories on Netflix, many of which receive weekly episode releases. This includes Netflix in the United Kingdom, which doesn’t stream The Blacklist at all.

The Blacklist season 10 was released weekly in the following regions:

Czech Republic

The series will be released in Canada in the same month as in the United States. Netflix in Australia, the Netherlands, & most Asian nations will have to wait until late 2023/early 2024.