Doctor Slump Confirm Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More!

Doctor Slump Netflix K-drama is all set to be released in January 2024, and here are the details you need to know about the details.

Are you a hopeless romantic on the hunt for another binge-worthy show? Look no further than Netflix’s collection of romantic dramas! Netflix has plenty of alternatives that will pull at your heartstrings, from star-crossed lovers to extravagant historical romances.

“Doctor Slump,” a forthcoming South Korean rom-com medical drama created by Baek Sun Woo and directed by Oh Hyun Jong, is one of the latest releases.

This new series will reunite Park Shin Hye and Park Hyung Sik, who previously appeared in the mega-hit K-drama “The Heirs.” With an experienced director, and well-known actors, “Doctor Slump” is set to become a must-see for romantic drama fans. Here’s all we know so far about the upcoming show.

Doctor Slump Release Date

Doctor Slump

JTBC has announced that Park Shin Hye & Park Hyung Sik’s highly anticipated romantic comedy Doctor Slump will premiere on January 27, 2024.

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The Cast and Crew of Doctor Slump.

Doctor Slump

Doctor Slump’s cast is undeniably one of its highlights. It puts together a cast of exceptionally talented actors who will undoubtedly bring their roles to life.

Park Hyung-sik plays Yeo Jeong-woo, a skilled plastic surgeon who was once well-known but experienced a setback due to a medical accident.

Nam Ha-neul, played by Park Shin-Hye, is a dedicated doctor who leaves the hospital after a tragic fire incident involving a medical professor.

Yoon Park stars as Bin Dae-yeong, a plastic surgeon who has a long-standing rivalry with his university classmate Yeo Jeong-woo.

Lee Hong-ran is played by Kong Seong-ha. Nam Ha-neul’s best friend and anesthesiologist.

Supporting characters include the following:

Jang Hye-jin as Gong Wol-seon
Kim Jung-hwan as Woo Seon-saeng
Park Won-ho as Kim Moo-geun
Kang Sang-jun as Son Chan-young
Hyun Bong-sik as Gong Tae-seon
Yoon Sang-hyun as Nam Ba-da
Oh Dong-min as Min Kyung-min
Jong Ji-soon, as a homeroom teacher

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What is the Storyline of the Doctor Slump?

The highly anticipated television series delves into the personal challenges of two people enduring challenging times. Yeo Jung Woo, a once-famous plastic surgeon, suffers a devastating setback as a result of a surgical mishap.

He’s having trouble dealing with the negative headlines and rejections from those he used to consider friends. Nam Ha Neul, an anesthesiologist, appears to be a self-assured and skilled professional.

However, she shortly learns that her life has little meaning outside of her chaotic hospital work schedule. This realization sets her on the path of self-discovery.

The story of the series is intriguing, tackling themes like love, loss, & redemption. Because of its heartbreaking and thought-provoking content, the show promises to be an emotionally powerful and thought-provoking viewing experience.