Logan Paul and KSI Energy Drink PRIME Is Under Investigation.

Social media has given birth to many superstars, out of them, The Paul Brothers Jake Paul and Logan Paul became one of the most popular social media stars on the Internet.

Exactly a decade ago, the 28-year-old Logan Paul started his YouTube channel where he used to post vines and vlogs, and gradually became popular among the Gen Z crowd resulting in huge success.

Logan started getting offers from the entertainment industry and he went on to do many television shows, reality shows, and movies.

Logan has always experimented with his career and that’s one of the reasons why he became successful, in 2017 when his popularity was deteriorating and his YouTube channel wasn’t doing well.

He started an online spat with another popular social media star KSI and they eventually ended up fighting in a boxing match which ended in a draw, they fought again the next year and KSI pulled up the victory via a split decision.

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Logan Paul and KSI-owned Sports Drink Brand PRIME Is under investigation.

Logan Paul

Logan also fought undefeated professional boxer Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition boxing match which Floyd won comfortably.

Currently, Logan is associated with WWE and has made appearances at SummerSlam, Wrestlemania, and Money in the Bank.

Early last year, KSI and Logan Paul collaborated and released a sport and energy drink brand Prime Hydration and it became instantly popular among young kids apparently due to the influence of the two stars, but now it is under the radar.

American politician Chuck Schumer has written a letter to FDA and has requested an investigation into the energy drinks brand, many influential people have claimed that the drink has a huge amount of caffeine and this can alter the health of young children.

In the past, Logan Paul has been accused of creating wrong influence among young children through his social media antics. It will be interesting to see what the investigations would show.