Bradley Cooper Responds to Brooke Shields Calling Him Her Guardian Angel!

Here is what Bradley Cooper said in Brooke’s recent comment.

In one of the recent interviews, very well-known and versatile actress Brooke Shields made some public comments on Bradley Cooper. In her comments she showed and expressed her love and gratitude towards the actor, she called him her ‘Guardian Angel’, as Bradley helped Brooke in a medical emergency.

The following incident took place during her performance at Café Carlyle in New York City, she had a seizure, a generalized seizure just before her performance at the event, then Cooper being A friend of hers helped her a lot, he rushed for the medications there, he stayed all by her side until medical team examined her.

As the actress recalls the moment she says that it was a horrible situation for her and everyone present there, she remembers that when she woke up she was on the floors of a green room feeling devastated, as her body was not responding much her arms and legs were just shivering, that time she faced fear the most in her life, then she noticed a familiar person sitting right next to her until she got on ambulance, she remembers that oxygen masks were there on her face and that familiar face, Cooper was still by her side, holding her and was just trying to calm her.

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What Was Brooke Shields’ Reaction?

Bradley Cooper

Upon asking Brooke Shield she said that she owes Bradley Cooper a lot, and she doesn’t know how to pay him back, he was calm and humble to her all the time when the incident took place.

She says further that he already knew about my medical conditions and struggles, my assistant told him, and for his fellow friend, he did every possible thing that he could ever do at that time. She said that she is grateful to have such a caring friend standing by her side at any cost.

This incident was very impactful and shows the friendship bond of the two actors and how closely they are bonded to each other, this typically depicts that they share a great bond of friendship and immense support for each other since 2009 when they were first cast in the same film ‘The Elephant Man’ from there they got close and stayed friends till now, supporting each other professionally and personally at many different levels.

To all this whatever happened it is evident that both the actors are very supportive and positive for each other Cooper also has spotted many times expressing his gratitude for Shields, and both of them are very compassionate and close to each other.