Bradley Cooper Left Maestro Press Event After He Got a Call About His Daughter Lea!

What made Bradley Cooper leave the Maestro event in the middle? Bradley Cooper a renowned actor in Hollywood known for his multiple roles, very hardworking and a devoted father. Cooper who is in his late 40s currently 48 years old has been spotted attending the press conference for his new movie, Maestro.

But later Cooper had to leave the event in a hurry when he got a call. He got a call from his daughter’s school when he was answering the questions from press media about the Leonard Bernstein biopic, he got the call in the middle he excused everyone and took everyone’s permission before leaving, then he attended the call, shortly he returned to his place and looked very concerned about something that he heard over the call.

He told the whole people present in the room that he urgently needed to leave for his daughter’s Lea school, there is something he needs to do and only he can do no other person in place of him can.

Without speaking further he immediately rushed for the school, gracefully the school was not that far only 10 minutes away from the venue on walking.

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Why Did Bradley Cooper Left Maestro Press Event In a Hurry?

Bradley Cooper
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Bradley Cooper is the father of a 6-year-old daughter Lea with his ex-partner, Irina Shayk who is also a model.

Both of them share a protective kind of nature toward their daughter and always keep private her as much as they can. Lea who accompanied her father earlier for the Maestro premiere a month earlier in Venice, is even making a short appearance more like a cameo in the following film as a younger Maya Hawke.

The incident left everyone in shock but later everyone understood that being a devoted father is not an easy task and that sometimes children come first before anything else. Cooper’s dedication to his daughter was received by everyone with great support and applause.

People have appreciated Cooper for his act one said being he is a good father who puts his children first before anything another fan said that it is very eye-catching to see him prioritizing his daughter even during his press interaction. Though the exact reason is still not known hopefully everything is alright with Cooper and Lea.