Kim Kardashian Revealed When Did She Get Her First Tattoo?

Recently Kim Kardashian revealed that she got herself inked for the first time back in 2021 after hosting the Saturday Night Live popularly known as SNL in October 2021.

In the very recent episode of ‘The Kardashians’ she revealed that she with her friends La La Anthony, Tracy Romulus, Allison Statter and Stephanie Shepherd got matching tattoos of a symbol in the shape of an infinity on their inner lips.

Kim said that initially, she was not sure about getting one she was actually hesitant at first but her friends convinced her for one. She said that she was not ready to get one but then after a few shots, she was like why not let’s do it?

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Kim Kardashian Talking About Her First Ever Tattoo!

Kim Kardashian
Daily Mail

Kim Kardashian got infinity shaped tattoo, the symbol of infinity typically means that it is the virtue of the everlasting love, friendship, commitment, and bond that she shares with her friends Kim said that ‘all of us got the same tattoo that depicts our endless bond everlasting friendship, we have been so many things together and we will be always there for each other in future also’.

Her decision is a subject to many fans of her, Kim is the person who is always been in the headlines for her glamorous image and personality, and although she wasn’t ready at first soon after she loves her tattoo and is happy with this decision.

The tattoo in itself represents boldness and a symbol of one’s individuality, Kim has a unique style of styling also Kim is known for her boldness, and her decision to get a tattoo shows that she is even more confident now and more comfortable in her own skin. She is even more ready to take up challenges and risks ahead.

It is also evident that she values her friendships more than her fears. She is quite committed to her friends which makes it even more special for all of them, she is always grateful for their love and support.

Well, what Kim do in the future is uncertain but it is sure that she is bold unique, and a trendsetter who is not afraid of anyone.