The Wheel of Time Season 3 Renewal Status and More!

Will There Be The Wheel of Time Season 3 on Prime Video or Not? Let’s find out the details you need to know about the Prime Video Series!

The fantasy series has already been renewed – making it one of Prime’s most anticipated and ambitious series ever.

Everything We Know About the Series.

The Wheel of Time Season 3
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Based on a popular fantasy series by Robert Jordan, the Wheel of Time takes viewers on a magical journey as a magical woman from a powerful group, sets out on an impossible journey to save the world.

She manages to gather several young villagers (they could potentially be the ones she’s looking for!) and move on ahead trying to discover each other’s destinies.

The Wheel of Time is a series that is filled with intense scenes, world-building scenes that keep you invested, and an interesting plot that allows viewers to dive deep into the story handcrafted by Jordan.

With the second season now recently finished  – fans across the globe are eagerly waiting for the third season, to learn about the fate of the characters and the show in general.

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Will There Be The Wheel of Time Season 3 or Not?

The Wheel of Time Season 3
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We’re pretty hopeful that there will be a The Wheel of Time Season 3 – especially since Prime Video already renewed the series for the third season. The only dilemma stands at how long we have to wait, which could be quite some time given the first season premiered in 2021 whilst the second one premiered in 2023.

In terms of calculations, it’s possible that the third season could take a good two years before hitting the screens, so  we’re looking at a tentative period sometime in 2025 (or late 2024 If you’re lucky!)

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What’s The Season 3 About?

The Wheel of Time Season 3
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The third season is expected to follow the fourth book of the series ‘The Shadow Rising’.

The first season covered the first book while the second season covered the second and third – but here is an official plot summary according to Cosmo reports:

The Stone of Tear, the invulnerable fortress has been torn, it has fallen and the children of the Dragon have been called to march to the aid of Light as per the prophecy. Callandor (the unnamed sword) is held by Rand (Thor) , a man proclaimed as the Dragon reborn.

However, the shadows lengthen and the Forsaken grows in strength. If he has to fight then, Rand must master the male half of the True Source – a corrupted power that drives men towards insanity but has the capacity to either save or destroy the world.

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Who Will Return for Season 3?

We know that Rosamund Pike is returning. We knew that there was quite a cast change in the second season, but we don’t have the exact details about the third season casting – but we will update it before you can say ‘Callandor’!