Is Kleo Season 2 Renewed or Not?

With the upcoming anticipation for Season 2 approaching nearer and nearer, fans are aiming to see Jella Haase’s ‘Kleo’ come back in action on Netflix. The only bad news is that we’re expecting to see it on screens sometime next year – not anytime before.

What’s The Series About?

Kleo Season 2

Amidst the official confirmation of the Kleo Season 2 renewal, fans across the globe are whooping in anticipation and eagerness to watch Jella Haase and Dimitrij Schaad return to reprise their roles as Kleo Straub and Sven Petzold respectively, for the enthralling S2!

In terms of the plot summary of the series, ‘Kleo’ follows the story of Kleo Straub, a former East German assassin who has been imprisoned for a crime that she did not commit.

This is the injustice that we’ve heard of several times, seen happen in front of our eyes but for her, she has a chance to avenge her injustice.  She has the opportunity to be released after the fall of the Berlin Wall and swears to find the traitor responsible for her plight and why.

According to an official description, “Kleo sets off on a crusade for revenge, on a hunt that leads her through anarchistic Berlin, improvised electro clubs and Majorcan fincas, and finally into the Atacama Desert. All the while, she’s followed by West Berlin police officer Sven (Schaad), who sees the case of his life unfolding before him.”

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Who Is In the Cast?

Kleo Season 2
Small Screen

As mentioned before, the essential characters will reprise their roles. Jella Haase will reprise her role as the titular Kleo Straub alongside Dimitrij Schaad as Sven Petzold.

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What Is the Runtime of the Series?

Kleo Season 2
Small Screen

We do not have official news on the runtime of the second series but we know that there are 8 episodes in S2 – just like the first!

Are you excited to see the second season yet? Keep your caramel popcorn ready because this will be one hell of a ride!