I Woke Up A Vampire Ending Explained!

The show I Woke Up A Vampire piqued fans’ interest in the mythology they were creating in the plot.

On the surface, I Woke Up A Vampire appears to be a children’s program. But you don’t have to go further to see how amusing it is for grownups.

The nicest aspect of it is how effortlessly we become immersed in its universe. Let us look at the summary and end of I Woke Up A Vampire to understand why it is so wonderful.

I Woke Up A Vampire: What Is Vampling?

I Woke Up A Vampire

Carmie awakens to an echo of “vampling” and floats in the air. She can also hear her dog Rainey speaking to her as if she were a person. She informs her best buddy, Kev, about what happened and states she has superpowers.

Kev advises Carmie to keep her abilities hidden until he figures out who she is. When a vehicle nearly hits them, Carmie uses her super speed to save Madison.

Kev realizes she is part of the mixed species, the daughter of humans and mythic. Carmie, the offspring of a human and a vampire, is an example of a mythical, as are werewolves and vampires. 

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Is Carmie able to save Madison?

I Woke Up A Vampire

Leanna breaks her voice the day before the concert, and Carmie takes over as the understudy, but Dylan catches Madison and swears that he will no longer hunt.

Dylan is about to leave town when Carmie appears, revealing she is a vampling. She and Kev tell Dylan he feeds a shapeshifter’s army rather than protecting the world.

They tell him that if he genuinely cares, he should help them. Dylan visits the Collector and informs him that he has one more present for him before leaving. He exposes a jar containing Carmie, placed next to Madison’s.

It’s all part of the plan, and Carmie removes her lid before escaping with Madison. When the Shapeshifter comes, she is enraged since she doesn’t see any mixed. She informs the Collector that she no longer needs his services. Therefore, he won’t see her again.

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What Happened at the Musical?

I Woke Up A Vampire

The audience fills in, but the director is concerned since there is no sign of Carmie anywhere. When Carmie’s parents arrive, the director questions where Carmie is.

Leanna continues trying to persuade the director that she can act but needs a voice and is continuously turned down. Carmie ultimately comes and gives an outstanding performance. She receives a standing ovation and a message from Rick Astley, who exposes himself as a vampire.

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Who Is the Shapeshifter?

I Woke Up A Vampire

Towards the end of I Woke Up A Vampire, Kev discovers something in the comic books that indicates shapeshifting is vampire power, and the one they saw in the Collector’s apartment was none other than Carmie’s mother.

Carmie is destined for some big approaching war, as many people have warned her, and her mother is undoubtedly laying the groundwork for that.

Meanwhile, even the Collector is different from your average person. He’s a warlock keeping an eye on the rivals, but it may be different. After all, why would Carmie’s mother blackmail an ordinary person to find the Blended, and why did she require them?