Old Dads Netflix Original Filming Location, Release Date, and more.

A complete comedy Bill Burr comedy movie Old Dads – what more do we need from Netflix?

Bill Burr, the award-winner comedian will be making his directorial debut with this comedy film that also stars Ben Tishler (Timeless, Heist).

The interesting fact is that Bill Burr not only stars and writes this film – but he does it alongside his co-star Ben Tishler.

Truth be told, this is the latest project where Netflix has teamed up with Bill Burr to give viewers a tickle-in-the-face comedy film.

Burr has had notable features in the adult animated sitcom ‘F is For Family’ which ran for 5 long seasons. Burr has also produced several stand-up comedy specials like the most recent ‘Bill Burr: Live At The Red Rocks’.

What Is Old Dads About?

Old Dads

According to the initial announcement of the movie Old Dads, the synopsis talks about a middle-aged father who in collaboration with his two best friends, sells their company to a millennial.

This might have seemed like a wise step back then but soon enough, these ‘middle-aged trio’ find themselves out of step and way behind times as they struggle to find their footing (comically) to navigate a changing world of culture, career, and fatherhood. This leads to a chain of comical situations.

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Who Stars In Old Dads?

Old Dads

Bill Burr as Jack

Bobby Cannavale 

Bokeem Woodbine

Katie Aselton as Leah

Reign Edwards as Britney, the young girlfriend of Woodbine.

Rachael Harris

Miles Robbins

Jackie Tohn 

Dash McCloud 

Natasha Leggero 

Katrina Bowden

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Movie Filming Location, etc. When Is It Releasing on Netflix?

The movie Old Dads was shot on location in LA, California throughout early 2022 and went on to be filmed in March 2022 until it was wrapped up by April 2022.

The production of the movie was all set and completed by January 2023 – this means that the wait for this movie to hit screens won’t be too long!

It is premiering on Netflix on 20th October 2023 – so until then, you can imagine that Bill Burr will give us a stellar performance with his comic relief and acting skills.