Life on our Planet Netflix Original Release Date and Time.

The story of Life on Our Planet, a mind-boggling series that revolves around the ongoing rise and fall of lives on Planet Earth – the thrill? Science and technology marry to bring Earth’s oldest creatures back to life.

Created by Silverback Films and Steven Spielberg’s ‘Amblin Television, ‘Life on our Planet’ is a stunning new series that chronicles the rise and fall of lives – ranging from catastrophic events that reshape ecosystems to the terrible creatures that survived (or not!) along the way.

All About Netflix’s Original Life on our Planet.

Life always finds a way – that’s what we heard from the paleontologists at ’ Jurassic Park’, but this eight-part epic journey proves that the road from single-celled organisms to the biodiversity we live in today was anything but smooth and drama-free.

Several billion years, millions of species, and five mass extinction events (and counting!) – this is the story of Life on Our Planet. It uses the latest paleontology, graphics, technology, and special effects to bring back the long-lost extinct creatures therefore framing the story of planet history via several mass extinction events that have taken place so far.

This is about survival. This is life. This is our planet – a relentless place meant for survival.

The producer at Silverback, Keith Scholey told Netflix that by understanding our past, we could find a way to help shape the future. The sixth mass extinction we’re probably living through is the first one created by an animal – but it is also the first that can be averted completely.

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Life on our Planet Release Date

Life on our Planet
About Netflix

Steven Spielberg is listed as an executive producer for the series whilst veteran actor, Morgan Freeman serves as the narrator of the series.

Teasers were released on YouTube by Netflix on August 22, 2023, whilst an official trailer was released on September 26.

The series includes a hybrid of both computer-generated images (CGI) and live-action film and is all set to release on October 25th with a total of 8 episodes.