When Is TORE Netflix Original Coming?

When is Netflix Original TORE Coming? Let’s find out the details of the new Netflix Series. What do you do if you lose one of the most important persons in your life? Do you grieve? Do you avenge? Or do you just stay silent?

When 27-year-old Tore loses the most important person in his life to a garbage truck accident (yikes!), he does everything in his power to suppress the grief.

During the day, Tore continues to work at his father’s funeral home pretending to be normal and as if nothing has happened. However, at night,  Tore establishes himself on a gay boat in the city and experiences euphoria in the form of alcohol, s*x, and drugs for the very first time.

A beautiful, risky, and risqué world opens up to the grief-stricken Tore but his best friend, Linn, and the colleagues at the funeral home start to worry about their friend that he might lose his footing and hold the real world as he grapples to escape reality desperately.

Tore is a coming-of-age story about a man who has loved and lost, bulletproof friends and stealing back a Labrador from a family! It pulls at your heartstrings and hits the right spot as it makes you cry, and also laugh.

Who Is Cast In TORE?


The creator and actor of the series, William Spetz went up close and personal about his series and told Netflix that he doesn’t think anyone is built to cope when a loved one dies.

“It’s like it creates this glitch in your brain and you don’t know who you are anymore. I think that glitch is the source of a lot of pain, but also a lot of comedy – and it’s probably that glitch that inspired me to write TORE.” Spetz mentioned.

William Spetz plays Tore and appears in 6 episodes in the season, Hannes Fohlin plays Erik (6ep), Sanna Sunqvist plays Linn, Karin Bertling plays Heidi, Pete Haber plays Bosse and so much more!

What is the Official Release Date?


Netflix has confirmed that the release date will be October 27, 2023.