Ahsoka Episode 8 Is Streaming Now on Disney Plus!

Fans of the series are on the witch-hunt for Ahsoka Episode 8 and the spoilers and leaks – we’ve got you covered for all the meat!

What To Expect from Ahsoka Episode 8?

Is Anakin to Return in Ahsoka Episode 8?

Ahsoka Episode 8
Den of Geek

After appearing in the World Between Worlds, Anakin returns as a surprise – but it’s not a normal appearance. He returns as a pre-recorded hologram with a message in the 7th episode.

However, according to Bespin Bulletin, Anakin will also be a Force Ghost in the 8th episode.

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Morai’s Appearance – Is It Going to Happen?

Ahsoka Episode 8
Dork Side of the Force

According to sources, there is a good chance that we might get to see a white owl towards the end of Ahsoka Episode 8 – any guesses? Hint: It could be Morai! However, the appearance of this white owl will certainly come as a surprise and even a shock for some fans. Keep tuned in!

If that’s not enough, a huge battle will take place that involves Team Ahsoka and Team Thrawn.

Ahsoka and Morgan Elsbeth however, will probably have another battle – so keep your fingers crossed and root for the one you favor. The witches that you’ve come to know, may not join the battle but they will leave an insightful impact according to sources.

There are a few other spoilers as well – for instance, the trio of Ahsoka, Sabine, and Ezra although great, are not enough to stop Thrawn and his forces. Their chances of failure are high which leads Thrawn to return to the main Star Wars galaxy.

The position of the ‘Heir to the Empire’ seems to be Thrawn’s – but along with this, there are several other threats that are impending for the future.

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Potential Season 2 Ahead?

Ahsoka Season 2

Ahsoka Season 2 will probably happen before the Star Wars Movie debuts. Apart from Ahsoka and Thrawn, Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati might end up being recast in the future. Here’s hoping for a second season!

Ahsoka Episode 8 arrives on October 3, 2023 – so keep your popcorn ready!