Beckham Limited Series Netflix Original Release Date and More.

Netflix is releasing ‘Beckham’ – a four-part documentary series that briefly explores the life and career of the one and only dreamy David Beckham. Take a breath!

Synopsis: No one does it like Beckham


Beckham, the part limited docuseries tells the insider story of the global football star and style icon.

David Beckham is one of the most renowned names on the planet – tons of men look up to him as their idol, and women envy Victoria (Posh Spice) and crush this global icon. However, very few know about David’s life story.

From his humble working-class beginning in East London, his insane drive and determination to become number one, and the battle to find the balance between ambition, success, love, and family – David’s story is one of immense motivation with its score of ups and downs.

The series takes you on a rollercoaster ride and builds a personal, hard-hitting story of one of the most recognizable names in the world.

 The series tells us that David Beckham is more than just the name and the man he is today.

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What the Trailer Tells Us

Netflix has already released the official trailer, which shows footage of Beckham as a child living in a modest background before he joined Manchester United in East London. “I never really did well at school”, he mentions in the trailer, ‘All I ever really wanted to do was play football’.

The trailer also features interviews with Victoria Beckham who reveals how they used to meet during their first dating phase and struggled to keep their relationship secret.

‘We would meet in car parks, and that’s not as seedy as it sounds’, she says and Beckham adds, ‘Classy!’.

The trailer shows how Beckham became a global star and ultimately a media sensation, therefore establishing the stag quote, ‘Bend it like Beckham’.

In the documentary, he also mentioned the ‘media attention on his marriage with Victoria’ – mentioning that his life had become something different but it did not change him.

In the docuseries, Fisher Stevens (Palmer And We Go, Green, The Cove) and John Battsek (One Day In September, Winter on Fire) are given private access to David, Victoria, his family, friends, and teammates. The ultimate result?

An intimate portrait of a man, and icon for the world.