The Goosebumps Official Trailer Breakdown!

The Goosebumps Trailer: Justin Long Is Possessed, and Teens Discover Creepy Past Secrets!

Published: September 18th, 2023 9:21 am | Updated: September 18, 2023 9:21 am

The First Trailer for the ‘Goosebumps’ Series Is a Creepy Mix of Nostalgia and thrills.

A new trailer for the forthcoming Goosebumps on Disney+ is out, teasing even more details about the upcoming horror comedy show, which will center on teenagers teaming up to uncover their parents’ dark pasts in a paranormal mystery and will premiere on Disney+ on October 13, 2023.

The Goosebumps | Official Trailer

The Goosebumps Trailer: Justin Long Is Possessed, and Teens Discover Creepy Past Secrets!

The trailer begins with Nathan Bratt, a schoolteacher played by Justin Long, moving into the house where Harold was allegedly murdered. Soon after, Nathan appears to be possessed by Harold’s evil spirit despite the efforts of the five crucial teenagers to stop him.

The new Goosebumps series is a teen drama with traditional horror parts, such as creaking old houses, a scary forest, and horrors from the past. Given the franchise’s historically tongue-in-cheek tone, it is not as amusing as expected.

Long’s funny casting as a man who mistakenly goes into a house with hidden secrets — he notably appeared in the horror film Barbarian a year prior — is arguably the show’s funniest aspect, aside from a casual ‘nepo-baby’ joke made by one of the kids in the trailer.

The teenagers at the center of the plot appear to have great chemistry. Still, the trailer implies that the program may not hesitate to tackle important real-world issues, especially bullying.

Goosebumps novels have traditionally been a doorway to horror for youths, and the new series appears to be embracing that friendly tone.

The clip also shows the series’ characteristic blend of horror and humor. While stories based on Stine’s original works can provide some unforgettable shocks, a concentration on humor makes sense for the show’s target audience.

It can also balance out unsettling moments with fun, reminding viewers how ridiculous some of the series’ concepts might be.

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The Cast and Characters.

Hidden Remote

Justin Long will play Nathan Bratt, a new teacher who has a connection to a mysterious killing that occurred years ago.

Rachael Harris has also been cast in Goosebumps, where she will portray Nora. Suits fans may recognize her as Sheila. Rob Huebel, who plays Colin in Goosebumps, will also appear in the film. 

Ana Yi Puig (Senior Year),  Zack Morris (EastEnders), Miles McKenna (Nocturne), Will Price (The Mosquito Coast), and Isa Briones (Star Trek: Picard) play Isabella, James, Jeff, Isaiah, and Margot, respectively, in Goosebumps.

While it’s evident that the series will have a lot of fun and comic components, that does not imply it can’t be terrifying when it wants to be. Goosebumps’ scary essence will be revealed when the program debuts on Disney+ next month.