Love at First Sight Ending Explained!

We then shift to Oliver's point of view after he becomes separated from Hadley at the airport. As his sibling Luther arrives to pick him up, he waits for her.

Published: September 18th, 2023 9:00 am | Updated: September 18, 2023 9:00 am

Fate has woven something extraordinary to bring Oliver and Hadley together. Love at First Sight is the newest addition to Netflix‘s massive store of humorous rom-com flicks, which are not often highly touching but are meant mainly for lighter pleasure.

Despite the plot’s predictability, the characters in Love at First Sight are entertaining to watch, and Haley Lu Richardson and Ben Hardy’s believable performances make the film a worthwhile viewing.

Love at First Sight Ending Explained: Is Oliver’s mother still alive?

Love at First Sight
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We then shift to Oliver’s point of view after he becomes separated from Hadley at the airport. As his sibling Luther arrives to pick him up, he waits for her.

They depart just as Hadley walks out the door. We watch them dress up in Shakespearean costumes and attend the service place. His mother is still living but on the point of death since she is refusing cancer treatment.

His parents, both professional actors, have planned a Shakespeare-themed funeral ceremony to allow loved ones to say goodbye to his mother.

Oliver is disappointed that his mother is not receiving treatment, but she emphasizes that chemotherapy will postpone her death and bring her pain. She wants to go out on an optimistic note.

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What causes the fight between Oliver and Hadley?

Love at First Sight

Oliver and Hadley have their first disagreement, and she goes away since Oliver finds it difficult to speak out without hiding behind statistics. She, however, does leave her backpack. 

When it comes time to deliver his speech, Oliver rejects the lines he had written down and speaks from the heart. He’s horrified at the idea of losing his mother and devastated by her decision not to fight her terminal disease. 

Meanwhile, Hadley becomes confused, and with her phone battery gone, she wanders until a friendly stranger loans her his phone. She calls her father’s number, who is ready to begin his wedding reception.

Instead, he hurries to get her. Hadley seemed to have wholly forgiven her father for divorcing her mother after the two share a heart-to-heart. She is more receptive to dating his new wife and misses the flight to enjoy Christmas with them the next day. 

Hadley seemed to be having a good time during the wedding reception, even dancing with her father. 

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Will Hadley and Oliver get together?

Love at First Sight
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Oliver’s family makes fun of him and urges him to pursue Hadley. He provides another adverse statistic, but his father argues that even if he knew his mother would die of cancer, he would not alter anything in the past.

This motivates Oliver, and he requests a ride to Greenwich from Luther. He discovers the reception destination on the invitation inside Hadley’s bag. 

Oliver arrives at the event and discovers the woman he almost let go. He argues that he constantly calculates because he dislikes being caught off guard by terrible events like illnesses and heartbreaks.

Hadley grins and kisses him on the lips. The movie concludes with the narrator revealing that the two will marry and have a daughter. They will be married for 58 years and have a happy life together.