The Nun 2 Ending Explained!

A significant theme in The Nun 2 is having confidence that goodness will triumph in the end, no matter how bleak things look.

Published: September 11th, 2023 7:25 am | Updated: September 11, 2023 7:25 am

Valak comes back to cause chaos in The Nun 2, which takes place four years after the original film but over a decade before The Conjuring, as a part of the overall storytelling.

The latest part in the Conjuring series is here. The Nun II, the eighth movie in an increasingly terrifying cinematic world, perfectly connects the entire series.

Given the casting of real-life sisters and acclaimed scream queens Vera Farmiga & Taissa Farmiga in the same franchise, fans have been looking for a link between their two figures since 2018. Finally, we have an answer.

Why Does Valak Want Saint Lucy’s Eyes in The Nun 2?

The Nun 2
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Saint Lucy is a 5th-century Christian martyr who is recognized as the patron saint of the blind because some versions of her story involve her eyes being taken out either by herself or by her persecutors.

According to some stories, when they attempted to set her on fire, she didn’t burn. Lucy was ultimately slain when a sword cut off her neck, yet despite her eyes gouging out; her eyes were mysteriously restored as the body was being prepared for burial.

This earned her the patron saint of the blind, and in The Nun 2, Valak seeks the heavenly power that the eyes hold.

The sequel proposes that Valak was once an angel exiled by God and that retrieving Saint Lucy’s eyes will give it back its past powers. The Nun’s plans for these abilities are never revealed, and while the demon successfully absorbs them, it is quickly defeated.

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What Is the Relationship Between Sister Irene & Lorraine Warren In The Nun 2?

The Nun 2
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The Nun II convincingly connects Irene and Lorraine as Saint Lucy’s descendants thanks to Akela Cooper’s brilliant storyline and superb prior material editing.

According to The Nun II, the demon Valak was a fallen angel looking for a method to reclaim her heavenly might.

Saint Lucy appears frequently throughout The Nun II, initially as a picture, then as a rosary sign, and last in Irene and Lorraine.

When Sister Irene & her companion Sister Debra go to the CaSaint Lucy, the patron saint of the blind, is depicted through a picture, a rosary sign, and in Irene and Lorraine in The Nun II. Tholic the archives, they discover that Pagans killed Saint Lucy and that Valak was present at her death and has been searching for a holy relic handed down through her family for generations: her eyes.

In a flash of insight, Irene realizes that her prophecy was inherited from her mother, and the spectator is given a quick montage of eyes relating to Saint Lucy, Irene’s mother, Irene herself, forming an incredible scene of Lorraine’s eyes.

Lorraine and Irene don’t interact throughout the film, which is understandable given that their stories take place around two and a half decades apart, but it’s evident that they are carved from the same cloth.

While we won’t know where Ed and Lorraine are going on their next assignment until The Conjuring: Last Rites, the inclusion of this scene in the end credits hints that Valak isn’t done tormenting the descendants of Saint Lucy.

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The Meaning of The Nun 2’s Final Scene.

The Nun 2

A significant theme in The Nun 2 is having confidence that goodness will triumph in the end, no matter how bleak things look.

Sister Debra learns to embrace her religion despite her doubts about the life she is about to go on, but after watching Irene survive her burning, Debra comes to trust in a higher force, and that evil can be conquered.

Similarly, Irene must believe that her friend Frenchie can be rescued from Valak’s influence, even if it appears impossible. By the end of the story, Irene successfully saves him and everyone else at the boarding school, at least for the time being.