Burning Body Ending Explained: Who Killed Pedro?

Ester is asked to reveal to the court what occurred when Pedro died since Albert and Rosa's testimony is untrustworthy. Ester has proof that Rosa and Albert conspired on Pedro's murder.

Published: September 9th, 2023 4:35 am | Updated: September 9, 2023 4:35 am

Are Rosa and Albert guilty? The Netflix original film ‘Burning Body’ tells the narrative of Rosa and Albert, whose lives are turned upside down after the body of Rosa’s lover, Pedro, is discovered.

The investigators examine Rosa and Pedro’s relationship and her history, particularly her long-standing connection with Albert, as part of their investigation into the case. A network of secrets and falsehoods emerges that leaves everyone scratching their heads.

The show gradually unravels the mystery of Pedro’s death with each episode. A chaotic picture of what happened is created through many viewpoints and testimonials, but in the end, it all goes down to Rosa and Albert and whether they will tell what’s true about that day. 

Who murdered Pedro In Burning Body?

Burning Body
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Ester is asked to reveal to the court what occurred when Pedro died since Albert and Rosa’s testimony is untrustworthy. Ester has proof that Rosa and Albert conspired on Pedro’s murder.

Rosa Pedro and Sofa headed to her parent’s place that day. She got into a disagreement with Pedro on her way home. She afterward called Albert and informed him she planned to murder her boyfriend that night.

Albert had purchased a new phone with a number to take to Rosa’s house on the day they intended to murder Pedro. Still, he unintentionally took his phone, resulting in the police discovering that Rosa, Albert, and Pedro were at Rosa’s house on the day Pedro died.

Rosa drugged Pedro. Pedro fell asleep in the basement after she asked him to lay rat traps. Ester believes Pedro was killed with a blunt instrument since his blood was discovered on the bulb and the floor in Rosa’s cellar.

Rosa took her daughter to her parents’ place the next day. She used Pedro’s phone to send messages to other people, and at night, Albert and Rosa brought his phone to Javi’s residence to frame him for the murder. They then carried Pedro’s body to Foix Reservoir, placed it in the trunk of his car, and burned it.

Rosa and Albert worked together to cover up the blood on the walls in Rosa’s basement. She had not only observed Pedro’s murder, but she had also seen Rosa and Albert dispose of the evidence a few days afterward.

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Rosa and Albert are Found Guilty?

Burning Body

Rosa and Albert are found guilty of premeditated murder by the jury after hearing Ester’s statement. Rosa is condemned to 25 years in jail, while Albert is sentenced to 20. 

Rosa and Albert then filed appeals, but the Supreme Court rejected both. According to the Supreme Court, Rosa’s sentence was increased by five years because of her relationship with Pedro. Rosa will complete her sentence by 2042.

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What Does Rosa Mention to Sofia when she’s in Jail?

Burning Body

Rosa’s daughter Sofia pays her a visit in prison. She is a little older now, and she radiates attitude. Rosa attempts to talk to her, but it isn’t easy. She warns her daughter to be cautious.

Sofia asks her mother why she hasn’t seen her in three years. Rosa claims she was embarrassed by herself.

She says they’ll see one other shortly and that her trial was a ruin, so she expects an appeal. Rosa pulls back her emotions as Sofia looks skeptical. Rosa, on the other hand, continues to insist on her innocence. Rosa sobs as she returns to her cell.