Virgin River Season 5 Ending Explained!

Brady follows Melissa's guys and discovers them stockpiling cocaine in a caravan. He goes in search of the drugs in the caravan at night, but Jack catches him.

Published: September 8th, 2023 4:28 am | Updated: September 8, 2023 4:28 am

The show has a lot of dramatic surprises and startling twists! With Season 5, the authors of Virgin River managed to produce a season that is more dramatic than ever before! 

If you’re a fan of this show, you’ll know that they pack a lot of twists and turns into every episode, and this season is no exception.

Season 5 of Virgin River has premiered its first ten episodes, with the final two arriving on Netflix in November of this year.

Viewers had so many burning queries leading up to the new episode, and while many of them were addressed, the new episodes offer so many new mysteries that we need to solve soon. One of these is Mel and her real parent, who is currently in doubt.

Virgin River Season 5: Will Melissa be Apprehended?

Virgin River Season 5

Brady follows Melissa’s guys and discovers them stockpiling cocaine in a caravan. He goes in search of the drugs in the caravan at night, but Jack catches him.

Brady tells Jack about his time working with Mike. At the same time, Melissa discovers that Brady has been attempting to gather evidence against her so she has him kidnapped.

Jack pursues them and warns Mike about Brady’s kidnapping. Jack saves Brady from being killed, and Mike arrives just in time to arrest Melissa.

When one of Melissa’s men attempts to kill Brady, it is Mike who gets hurt while rescuing Brady.

Mike is alive, and Brie remains at his side. She is aware that Brady put his life in danger to expose Melissa for her and Jack’s protection, but she still wishes to remain with Mike. Brady then goes on an outing with Lark and her daughter.  

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Are Muriel and Cameron Permitted to Date?

Virgin River Season 5

Mel is greeted with cupcakes and warm arms at the clinic. Muriel is promoted to office manager, and Mel recommends that they open a birthing center at the clinic as well.

Muriel approaches Doc and asks for permission to date Cameron. Doc is fine with them being together as long as it doesn’t interfere with their work.

The FBI requires all renters to vacate. Jack’s camping hopes have been dashed; the location has been blocked off indefinitely. He asks Nick whether the evacuees are welcome to stay at the B&B.

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What Are Mel and Jack’s Intentions for the Future?

Virgin River Season 5

Mel gradually realizes that being a parent is about much more than simply how one gets there. She still aspires to be a mother and raise children with Jack. Mel is now thinking about other options, including surrogacy. 

The FBI has taken away the property where Jack planned to establish his company and a house for his family because they are investigating Melissa’s unlawful actions. As a result, Jack risks losing both the property and the business.

Mel then persuades him to buy Tara and Ava’s farmland and construct their house there. She also returns to Doc’s clinic to work as a nurse. Doc approves of her innovative ideas for helping the community.

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Who Is Mel’s Biological Father in Virgin River?

Virgin River Season 5
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The show then jumps ahead to Christmas. Jack and Mel are putting the finishing touches on their cabin.

Joey is now on the phone. She discovered love notes from someone in Virgin River addressed to their mother. Joey believes their mother had an affair with a man who may be Mel’s father.