Ballerina: Jeon Jong Seo Plays A Fighting Machine!

Ballerina, a forthcoming Netflix thriller starring Jeon Jong Seo, has unveiled a new teaser and poster. 

Published: September 8th, 2023 4:06 am | Updated: September 8, 2023 4:06 am

Ballerina, a forthcoming Netflix thriller starring Jeon Jong Seo, has unveiled a new teaser and poster. 

With Netflix’s extensive list of upcoming K-dramas in 2023, viewers are looking for a change of rhythm with a new Korean film. Ballerina has been anticipated since its debut in the Korea Tudum event. Netflix recently released the debut official teaser for Ballerina.

In the Netflix Korean Film “Ballerina,” Jeon Jong Seo Plays A Fighting Machine!

Ballerina | Official Teaser

The trailer begins with Ok-ju realizing how much Min-hee means to her. She claims she’s going hunting with a steely stare. 

“There’s something I must do,” Ok Joo says in the trailer. The following scenes contrast a lovely ballet performance and Ok Joo’s ruthless preparations for her vengeance mission.

When Ok Joo realizes that Choi Pro (Kim Ji Hoon) is to blame for her BFF’s terrible death, she engages in a high-stakes endure, armed with pistols, knives, fists, and her relentless resolve.

The trailer for Ballerina displays a dramatic shift as Ok-ju is covered in blood and issues a warning. A high-stakes chase follows, with viewers witnessing Ok-ju slay many gangsters and viciously take on anybody who gets in her way. The clip shows how cruel she can be to her closest friend.

The film’s brutally cold but aesthetically beautiful dance of vengeance captivated the audience. Yook Joo tells Min-hee, “Dedicated to you, my lifelong friend,” emphasizing their strong bond and laying the groundwork for this future heart-pounding vengeance story. “Ballerina” is unquestionably a work of art in terms of sensuality, movement, and drama. 

The stylish music, courtesy of Gray, the skilled artist who acts as the film’s music director, adds to the excitement. Ok, Joo is shown pointing her rifle and saying, “I’ll hunt you down through to hell” towards the end of the teaser. 

Ballerina raises the excitement by providing an enticing look of the high-octane drama in the poster and teaser. The official Ballerina teaser promises carnage, with Ok-ju willing to die to get what she desires.

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The Cast and Crew of Ballerina

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Jeon Jong Seo will portray the part of Ok Ju. She was last seen as Tokyo in Money Heist: Korea-Joint Economic Area. Kim Ji Hoon will characterize pro, Choi. He was also seen in the Netflix films Money Heist: Korea-Joint Economic Area and Love to Hate You as Denver.

Park Yoo Rim, who debuted acting in 2017, will play Min Hee the Ballerina. She was last seen as Kang Ji Hye in Extraordinary Attorney Woo. Ballerina will be available on Netflix on October 6. 

Ballerina is a production of Climax Studios, renowned for Netflix series like Hellbound, D.P., and the film Jung_E. Lee Chung Hyeon of The Call directs it.

Meanwhile, the 28th Busan International Film Festival has officially welcomed Ballerina. It will make its world debut in the section of Today’s Korean Cinema: Special Debut.