When Is Goodbye Earth Coming on Netflix?

The casting of the series was confirmed on January 13, 2022. In May of 2022, the filming was reported to be in progress.

Published: September 4th, 2023 8:59 am | Updated: September 5, 2023 8:59 am

The upcoming South Korean science fiction dystopian TV series ‘Goodbye Earth’ will be arriving on Netflix the next year.

The plot follows the story of people inhabiting a world of chaos after an apocalypse is predicted. Two hundred days before an asteroid and the Earth collide, individuals navigate hope, and despair waiting for the end of the world.

When Is ‘Goodbye Earth’ Releasing?

Goodbye Earth

The casting of the series was confirmed on January 13, 2022. In May of 2022, the filming was reported to be in progress.

The series was initially set to be released in the fourth quarter of 2023. But causing of the drug use charges of Yoo Ah-in, the release has been postponed temporarily until next year. The on-screen appearance of Ah-in has also been edited as much as possible.

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Cast Members of ‘Goodbye Earth’:

Ahn Eun-jin-

Ahn Eun-jin-

South Korean actress Ahn Eun-jin has been cast to play one of the main characters Jin Se-kyung in the upcoming series. Se-kyung is a volunteer at Ungcheon City Hall secretly struggling to protect children in danger.

Eun-jin played the main character Pyo In-sook in the South Korean melodrama TV series ‘The One and Only’ from 2021 to 2022. She was cast as Lee Mi-joo in the 2023 K-drama ‘The Good Bad Mother‘.

Eun-jin has also been cast this year in the historical romance K-drama ‘My Dearest’. Other television credits of Eun-jin include ‘Possessed‘, ‘My Fellow Citizens!’, ‘Hell Is Other People’, ‘Diary of a Prosecutor’, ‘More Than Friends, ‘Hospital Playlist’ etc.

Jeon Sung-woo-

Jeon Sung-woo-

In the role of assistant priest Woo Seong-jae we will find South Korean actor Jeon Sung-woo in the upcoming series.

Sung-woo has been cast in the role of one of the main characters Kim Jung-woo in the legal drama TV series ‘Diary of a Prosecutor’ in 2019.

Other than that Sung-woo starred in the series ‘A Beautiful Mind‘, ‘Oh, the Mysterious’, ‘The Fiery Priest’, ‘Designated Survivor: 60 Days‘, ‘Homemade Love Story’ etc.

Kim Yoon-hye-

Kim Yoon-hye-

A combat service support battalion’s company commander named Kang In-ah is played by South Korean actress Kim Yoon-hye in the upcoming series. Yoon-hye was cast in the main role of Jung Da-yeon in the historical romantic comedy K-drama series ‘My Sassy Girl‘ in 2017.

As Park Ho-young she starred as a main cast member in the 2022 South Korean rom-com TV series ‘Shooting Stars’. Yoon-hye’s previous television credits include ‘Heartstrings’, ‘My Cute Guys’, ‘The Vampire Detective’, ‘The Third Charm’, ‘Vincenzo‘ etc.

Yoo Ah-in-

Yoo Ah-in-

South Korean actor Yoo Ah-in will be seen starring in the series in the role of Yoon Sang-eun who is the longtime lover of Se-kyung and a researcher at the biotechnology research institute.

In 2008 Ah-in was cast as the main character Heuksan aka Kim Hyuk in the action historical K-drama ‘Strongest Chil Woo’. Next year as Park Hyun-kyu he starred in the K-drama ‘He Who Can’t Marry’.

In the role of main character Mun Jae-sin he starred in the historical K-drama ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ the year after that.

In 2012 Ah-in played Kang Young-gul in the romance drama South Korean TV series ‘Fashion King’ as main cast member. The next year he portrayed one of the lead characters King Sukjong in the historical K-drama ‘Jang Ok-jung, Living by Love’.

In the 2014 romance melodrama South Korean TV series ‘Secret Affair’ Ah-in was cast as lead character Lee Sun-jae.

From 2015 to 2016 he played the main character Yi Bang-won in the historical action political K-drama ‘Six Flying Dragons’.

Lastly, in 2017, Ah-in played Han Se-joo aka Seo Hwi-young as the main cast member in the fantasy romance comedy K-drama ‘Chicago Typewriter’.

Kim Kang-hoon-

Kim Kang-hoon-

South Korean teenage actor Kim Kang-hoon is another cast member of the series. Kang-hoon has been active in acting career since the year of 2013. ‘Pride and Prejudice’, ‘Listen to Love’, ‘Criminal Minds‘, ‘Children of Nobody’, ’18 Again’, ‘Mouse’ etc.

In 2017 Kang-hoon was cast as young Jang Dol-mok in the procedural K-drama ‘Bad Thief, Good Thief’.

The next year he played child Eugene Choi aka Choi Yu-jin in the historical romance melodrama South Korean TV series ‘Mr. Sunshine‘.

In 2019 Kang-hoon starred as main character Kang Pil-goo in the romantic comedy thriller K-drama ‘When the Camellia Blooms’. The next year he played young Nam Do-san in the romantic comedy slice-of-life South Korean TV series ‘Start-Up’.

Then in 2021, Kang-hoon was cast in the role of young Yi Won-beom in the historical fantasy rom-com K-drama ‘Mr. Queen’. As main character Lee Yong-tae he was cast in the sports South Korean drama series ‘Racket Boys’ in 2021.

The next year he played young Jin Do-jun in the fantasy period revenge K-drama ‘Reborn Rich’.