When Is Blue Lock Chapter 231 Coming?

In the previous chapter of Blue Lock, which was Chapter 230 and titled “Buddy,” there were some really surprising and intense moments.

Published: September 1st, 2023 5:29 am | Updated: September 1, 2023 5:29 am

When Is Blue Lock Chapter 231 Coming? Well, the next chapter of Blue Lock, which is Chapter 231, is all set to come out sometime in September 2023, at 12:00 a.m. JST (Japan Standard Time). The good news is that there won’t be any delay in its release, so fans can look forward to it exactly as planned.

If you’re a fan of the series, you can read this new chapter in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine. You can get it either as a physical copy or a digital version.

In the last chapter, things got quite intense as Isagi found himself frustrated after being outsmarted by Shoei Barou. But then, Isagi realized that the time for the Star Change System, a special rule, had run out.

This meant that a fresh player could enter the field. With quick thinking, Isagi asked Noel Noa to let Hiori Yo join in. Excitingly, Hiori Yo joined Isagi as his new partner.

To learn all there is to know about Blue Lock Chapter 231, including its release date, a recap of the previous chapter, and a sneak peek into what’s coming up, keep reading this article until the end.

Blue Lock Chapter 231 Release Date: When Is It Coming?

Blue Lock Chapter 231
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The upcoming chapter of Blue Lock, which is Chapter 231, is going to be titled “Dive To Blue.” Also, there is a piece of exciting news for fans because this chapter will be released on Tuesday, September 5, 2023, and people all around the world can enjoy it.

But if you’re in Japan, you’ll need to wait until Wednesday, September 6, at 12:00 a.m. JST to read it. If you’re a fan in the United States, you’re in luck – you can read the Blue Lock manga using Kodansha’s K Manga app and website.

However, if you’re in a different country, you might need to get your hands on Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine, either in a physical format or digitally, to be able to read this exciting chapter.

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Recap Of Blue Lock Chapter 230

Blue Lock Chapter 231
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In the previous chapter of Blue Lock, which was Chapter 230 and titled “Buddy,” there were some really surprising and intense moments.

The whole world was left astonished when they learned that Marc Snuffy had decided not to retire from soccer. This unexpected twist created a lot of buzz.

Meanwhile, our main character Isagi was feeling quite frustrated because he had been outsmarted by Barou, a fellow player.

Isagi was worried because this meant he didn’t have a solid plan to stop Kaiser and Barou’s strong partnership on the field. However, a turning point arrived with the Star Change System.

This special rule has a time limit, and when that time was up, Bastard Munchen could bring in substitute players.

As the situation unfolded, Noa, another important character, was planning to have Kiyora Jin join the ongoing match. But Isagi had a different idea. He insisted that Hiori Yo should be the one to join the match instead.

At first, Noa didn’t agree with this plan. However, when Hiori expressed his thoughts on the matter, Noa changed his mind and allowed Hiori to enter the game.

There was a catch, though. If Isagi and Hiori didn’t perform well, they could lose their spots in the starting lineup for future matches.

Despite this risk, both Isagi and Hiori were determined to take the chance. This decision showed their confidence and eagerness to contribute to the team, even under pressure.

The chapter was full of suspense and important decisions that could impact the team’s dynamics and future matches.

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What To Expect From Blue Lock Chapter 231?

Blue Lock Chapter 231

In the upcoming Blue Lock Chapter 231, titled “Dive To Blue,” something really exciting might happen. It looks like Isagi and Hiori will join forces to play against the team called Ubers.

Hiori had previously guessed how their teamwork could be great, and now fans might get to see if he was right.

If Isagi and Hiori work together smoothly, there’s a strong possibility that Isagi could score the winning goal for their team.

This chapter could show us a sneak peek of this exciting moment and how their partnership might lead to success.