Burning Body Confirmed Netflix Release Date!

"Burning Body" is set to release on September 8th, 2023 on Netflix, promising a suspensefully addicting viewing experience for audiences.

Published: September 1st, 2023 4:17 am | Updated: September 1, 2023 4:17 am

“Burning Body”, directed by Jorge Torregrossa is a gripping new Spanish thriller that seamlessly merges mystery, suspense, and heart-stopping action.

The story unfolds in a gritty urban setting where the death of a police officer shocks the city. As authorities struggle to piece together the puzzle, it becomes clear that each step has a chilling connection to a clandestine underground world—a world of danger, secrets, and the darkest human desires.

This gripping series promises to portray a complex set of toxic relationships, violence, and scandals that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

What Is the Plot of Burning Body?

Burning Body

The discovery of the charred remains of Pedro, a dedicated police officer, inside a burnt-out car sends shockwaves through the law enforcement community and the city at large.

What initially appears to be a tragic accident quickly transforms into a sinister investigation as the evidence points to foul play.

Pedro’s death becomes the catalyst for a harrowing exploration into a network of twisted connections, where betrayal, power, and buried desires come to light.

As the investigation unfolds, it becomes evident that Pedro’s life is connected with two fellow police officers, both of whom have secrets of their own.

Toxic relationships lead us down a dark path of deceit, manipulation, and dangerous alliances. As the detectives dig deeper, they uncover a world of s*xual scandals, personal vendettas, and escalating violence that threaten to shatter the very foundation of the police force.

With each revelation, the mystery deepens, and the stakes become higher, pushing the characters to confront their pasts and question their allegiances.

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What Is the Release Date of Burning Body?

Burning Body

“Burning Body” is set to release on September 8th, 2023 on Netflix, promising a suspensefully addicting viewing experience for audiences.

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Who Is In the Cast?

Burning Body

Úrsula Corberó as Rosa

José Manuel Poga as Pedro

Quim Gutiérrez as Albert

Isak Férriz as Javi

Guiomar Caiado as Sofía

Eva Llorach as Ester

Raúl Prieto as Manu

Aina Clotet as Silvia

Sergi Cervera as Néstor

Bruno Sevilla as Álvaro

Aleida Torrent as Vanesa

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Is there a Trailer?

The trailer for the thriller mystery ‘Burning Body’ dropped on 22nd August, 2023. The story, inspired by true events, showcases the investigation of a police officer’s corpse that triggers a lot more than just a murder.