When Is The Devil’s Plan Coming On Netflix?

Although an exact release date for “The Devil’s Plan” hasn’t been shared yet, it’s anticipated to become available in the next few months, possibly before the year 2023 ends.

Published: August 29th, 2023 5:53 am | Updated: August 29, 2023 5:53 am

When Is The Netflix’s South Korean Reality Series ‘The Devil’s Plan’ Coming? Well, Netflix is introducing a new batch of reality survival shows with a Korean focus, and one that’s generating a lot of interest is “The Devil’s Plan.” This show has captured the attention of eager viewers who are excitedly anticipating its release.

The concept of the show involves bringing together twelve contestants from diverse backgrounds, including well-known figures like K-drama actor Ha Seok-jin, K-pop idol SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan, and American-based lawyer So Dong-joo, among others.

The heart of “The Devil’s Plan” centers around a set of challenging mental games that these twelve uniquely talented individuals must successfully navigate within the span of just one week.

The main objective is to identify the contestant with the sharpest intellect and wit, the one who can effectively conquer these intricate challenges.

As a reward for their efforts, the victor will walk away with an impressive cash prize of 500 million Korean won. The show is both directed and produced by Jung Jong-yeon, a well-known name in the reality show production field.

With such experienced hands at the helm, excitement for the show has reached new heights, and audiences are eagerly waiting to see how it all unfolds.

For those intrigued by this upcoming Netflix South Korean series, “The Devil’s Plan,” this article promises to provide a comprehensive overview of everything from the release date and cast to the plotline and any other related updates, making it a must-read to stay up-to-date with this upcoming South Korean Series.

Who Are The Participants In The Reality Series The Devil’s Plan?

The Devil’s Plan

When Netflix first revealed its new reality survival show, fans were really happy and enthusiastic. They saw that the show’s concept was quite similar to the popular K-drama series, Squid Game, which had become a global sensation.

This excitement has been increasing as Netflix unveils the names of the contestants who will be taking part in the show.

On July 26, 2023, Netflix shared a list of twelve contestants who come from various backgrounds and areas of expertise.

These contestants are going to compete against each other in a challenging and mind-twisting survival game that’s coming up. To find out more about all twelve participants of “The Devil’s Plan” and what they do for a living, take a look at the list:

Ha Seok-jin: He’s an actor in Korean TV dramas.

Cho Yeon-woon: He’s a skilled Go player and he graduated from a prestigious university in Singapore.

Lee Hye-sung: She’s a freelance announcer.

Lee Si-won: She’s an actress in Korean TV dramas, and she’s also an inventor.

SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan: He’s a popular singer in a K-pop group called SEVENTEEN.

Seo Dong-joo: He’s a lawyer who lives in America. He finished advanced studies in both mathematics and law at MIT.

Park Kyung-lim: She’s a comedian and actress who has won a big award called Daesang.

Guillaume Patry: He’s a gamer from Canada who’s won the Star League championship. He’s also a professional poker player.

Kwedo: He used to work as an advisor for the Blue House, and he’s really good in Astronomy and Space Sciences. He also makes videos on YouTube.

Kwak Joon Bin: He’s a YouTuber who makes videos about his travels.

Seo Yoo Min: She’s a surgeon who specializes in fixing bones and muscles. She lives in America.

Kim Dong Jae: He’s a college student who’s also a pro at playing poker.

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When Is The Devil’s Plan Coming On Netflix?

The Devil’s Plan

Although an exact release date for “The Devil’s Plan” hasn’t been shared yet, it’s anticipated to become available in the next few months, possibly before the year 2023 ends.

Fans are feeling really excited about the show. With such an interesting group of contestants and knowing that Jung Jong-yeon, who’s known for creating great reality shows, is behind it, everyone is eagerly looking forward to watching it as soon as it’s released on Netflix.

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What Is The Reality Series The Devil’s Plan About?

The Devil’s Plan

In the exciting new reality show titled “The Devil’s Plan,” which is coming soon, we’re going to witness a really interesting kind of competition.

It’s all about using minds and surviving challenges. The person who wins this competition will receive a huge prize of 500 million Korean won.

The people taking part in the show are not just regular folks – they include famous people like celebrities and influencers.

The show starts in a unique way: the participants are given a special challenge by the “devil.” This challenge is about showing who they truly are by taking off their social masks.

So, we’re going to see how these well-known individuals face this challenge and reveal their real selves.