The Devil’s Plan Official Trailer Breakdown!

The official trailer released opens with the 12 people being welcomed to Devil's Plan. They exchanged greetings, and the host made a congratulatory comment.

Published: September 13th, 2023 7:20 am | Updated: September 13, 2023 7:20 am

The trailer for Devil’s Plan, a South Korean Netflix competitive series that will put competitors’ minds to the test, is now out!

The Devil’s Plan, a new Korean-based reality survival program on Netflix, continues to pique the interest of fans, who impatiently await its release.

It is a psychological survival game in which the winner may win up to 500 million Korean won.

Participants, including high-profile individuals and recruits, are offered the devil’s advice to remove their social masks and reveal their genuine identities. 

The Devil’s Plan | Official Trailer

In The Teaser For ‘The Devil’s Plan,’ Korean Celebrities Strive To Outsmart One Another! The official trailer released opens with the 12 people being welcomed to Devil’s Plan. They exchanged greetings, and the host made a congratulatory comment.

The presenter then proclaimed, “Play only to win,” after introducing the Devil’s Plan rule to the participants, which declares that any plan permitted by the game is feasible if you do not alter or take on a character and avoid acts of violence or stealing. That marked the start of the final survival of the fittest brains. 

Following that, the game’s setting is displayed, and the cast members’ shocked emotions, as well as the arrival of Lee Hye Sung & Seo Yu Min, who hug each other and express their affection from their first meeting, clearly convey the enthusiasm of those preparing to begin the game, increasing anticipation.

However, the mood abruptly changed and began with Ha Seok Jin increasing his voice, Park Kyung Rim’s fearful look, Seungkwan’s mournful face, and the other individuals forming their groups.

In brief excerpts, scenes from these forthcoming challenges, which include card games, pattern recognition puzzles, and an escape room, are also seen.

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The Cast and Crew.

The Devil's Plan

Fans were pleased and eager when Netflix first revealed its next reality survival program, considering the plot’s parallels to the popular K-drama series that swept over the world, Squid Game.

This anticipation rises when the streaming site discloses the contestants appearing on the show. On July 26, 2023, Netflix released a roster of twelve participants from various industries to participate in their forthcoming mind-bending survival game.

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Check out the vocations of The Devil’s Plan’s twelve competitors.

The Devil's Plan

Ha Seok-jin is a Korean drama actor.

Cho Yeon-woon is a professional go player and a recent graduate of a prominent Singapore institution.

Lee Hye-sung is a Freelance announcer.

Lee Si-won is a South Korean actor and inventor.

Seungkwan of SEVENTEEN: K-pop idol

Seo Dong-joo is an American-based lawyer with an MBA from MIT’s Department of Mathematics & Law School.

Park Kyung-Lim is a comedian, actress, and Daesang Award winner.

Guillaume Patry is a Canadian video gamer, Star League champion, and professional poker player.

Kwedo is a former policy advisor at the Blue House, a master’s graduate in Astronomy and Space Sciences, and a YouTuber.

Travel YouTuber Kwak Joon Bin

American orthopaedic surgeon Seo Yoo Min

Kim Dong Jae is a college student and a professional poker player.

Jung Jong-yeon, the TV producer & director best known for helming the famous reality series The Society Game and Great Escape, is behind the camera for The Devil’s Plan. The first episode will be available on September 26.