Will There Be Hijack Episode 8?

Will The TV Series Hijack Return For Episode 8? Well, Hijack is a riveting seven-part thriller miniseries, a creation of George Kay and Jim Field Smith, featuring the charismatic Idris Elba in a leading role. The series made its debut on 28 June 2023, exclusively on the Apple TV+ platform.

Throughout its run, Hijack has kept audiences on the edge of their seats with its intense and action-packed narrative, solidifying its place as one of the unexpected highlights of the summer television lineup.

However, the climax of Episode 7 took a surprising and abrupt turn, leaving fans both intrigued and perplexed.

As the episode concluded with a tantalizing cliffhanger, speculation increases whether Episode 8 or even a Season 2 is in the works to continue delving into the story of the enigmatic protagonist, Sam Nelson, portrayed brilliantly by Idris Elba.

The fans of the series are eagerly awaiting more information, uncertain yet hopeful about the fate of their beloved characters. So, stay tuned and read on to uncover whether the gripping tale of Hijack will extend beyond its initial installment.

Will The TV Series Hijack Return For Episode 8?

Hijack Episode 8

Regrettably for eager fans, the suspenseful journey of Hijack will not continue with episode 8 in its first season.

While episode 7 concluded rather abruptly, leaving many questions unanswered about the aftermath of the hijacking, it serves as the season’s climactic conclusion, closing the chapter on this riveting storyline.

Since its premiere on June 28, Hijack has captivated audiences, airing on a weekly basis until its seventh and final episode aired on August 2.

As viewers reflect on the intense twists and turns of the series, they can appreciate the rollercoaster ride that has come to an end with the culmination of its inaugural season.

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Hijack Episode 7 Recap

Hijack Episode 8
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Hijack Episode 7, titled “Brace Brace Brace,” maintained its riveting tension as the passengers of flight KA29 orchestrated a successful takeover of the cabin.

However, a lingering threat remained in the form of an unidentified intruder who had entered the cockpit and executed Captain Allen.

As the passengers regained possession of their phones and the aircraft ventured into British airspace, word of the onboard turmoil spread like wildfire, resulting in a drastic plummet in Kingdom Airlines’ stock prices – a strategic move manipulated by the hijackers to their advantage.

The narrative took a compelling turn as passenger Amanda Taunton assumed control, and amidst the escalating intensity, Sam’s persistent efforts convinced her to grant him access to the cockpit.

Idris Elba delivered a captivating performance, channeling an enthralling mix of determination and intensity as he assisted in guiding the plane to a controlled descent.

Just when it seemed the day had been salvaged, an unexpected twist emerged: the hijackers’ leader, Stuart Atterton, managed to escape, locking Sam and Amanda within the plane’s confines.

However, a clever ruse orchestrated by Sam, featuring a well-timed call from his estranged wife Martha, outsmarted Stuart, allowing Sam to overpower him just as armed law enforcement stormed the aircraft.

This nail-biting sequence showcased Elba’s skillful portrayal of Sam, delivering a thrilling culmination to an episode filled with suspense and unforeseen developments.

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Will There Be Season 2 Of The Series Hijack?

Regrettably for devoted fans of Hijack, Apple TV+ has presented the gripping thriller as a limited mini-series, implying that the series finds its conclusion within a single season.

While there are rare instances where limited series extend beyond their initial season due to exceptional popularity, this remains an exception rather than the rule.

Notable exceptions, such as Prime Video’s Good Omens, have successfully evolved from standalone narratives to earn subsequent seasons.

If circumstances surrounding Hijack were to alter, the prospect of a second season emerges, given the numerous unresolved plotlines lingering post-episode 7.

A notable example is the survival of hijacker Stuart Atterton, raising the possibility of his elusive return should he evade justice.

Moreover, the later episodes of Hijack tantalizingly hinted at a covert terrorist organization operating in the shadows, a narrative avenue ripe for exploration in a potential renewal.

Yet, even if this journey concludes here, viewers have already enjoyed an adrenaline-charged escapade in Hijack, similar to classic TV shows of the past, thereby delivering a nostalgic thrill ride.

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Where Can You Watch The Series Hijack?

Hijack is now fully available for streaming on Apple TV+ following the release of Episode 7 on August 2, 2023.