Hijack Trailer: Idris Elba Gets Stuck In A Tense Sky-High Thriller!

The series will be accessible by streaming services on June 28. The official Hijack trailer for Apple TV+’s upcoming suspense thriller drama, starring Idris Elba as a highly-skilled crisis negotiator whose seven-hour journey to London is hijacked by terrorists, has been revealed.

It is now up to him to handle the situation to save the lives of other passengers and return home safely to his family.

Idris Elba has played action heroes, hard-as-nails detectives, and a guy who punches a lion in the face – and now, in the Apple TV+ thriller series Hijack (following in the path of the similarly one-word, very literally-named airborne movie Plane), he plays Sam Nelson, a skilled negotiator who steps up in an hour of crisis, hoping to get him and 200 other flight people home safely. 

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Official Trailer of Hijack.

The trailer immediately sets the personal stakes for Sam, who only attempts to get home to his family.

Unfortunately, his attempts to settle in for a typical journey are cut short when the armed hijackers storm the plane in the middle of the flight, forcing everyone back into their seats, seizing their phones, and stripping the pilots of their controls.

The ground crew gradually becomes aware of what is happening and begins investigating, while everyone on board starts dreading the worst.

Fortunately for the passengers, they have the ever-adaptable Elba on board, who can handle negotiations with the hijackers and even devise innovative means to broadcast messages throughout the plane to get all the passengers on the same page.

This time, he portrays a softer character, capable of empathizing with and calming others around him with his words.

While mayhem swirls aboard the airplane, the situation on the ground is also changing. As the government deals with the terrorists’ demands, a political narrative develops.

With this attack, Sam realizes there is more to it than meets the eye, while investigators discover connections to a gang whose claws run across Europe.

Furthermore, five of the passengers on the plane are not even listed in official databases. As the airplane approaches the end of its journey, tensions will rise, prompting the military to launch an operation to neutralize the danger and safely return the passengers.

The first two episodes of Hijack will be available on Apple TV+ on Wednesday, June 28, with new episodes released weekly.

Hijack is written by George Kay and directed by Jim Field Smith, who previously collaborated on Netflix’s Criminal. Archie Panjabi, an Emmy winner, joins Elba.

She will portray Zahra Gahfoor, a counterterrorism officer on the ground when the airplane is hijacked and becomes involved in the inquiry.

Christine Adams, Jasper Britton, Harry Michell, Aimee Kelly, Max Beesley, Eve Myles, Neil Maskell, Mohamed Elsandel, and Ben Miles round out the cast.