When Is Onimusha Netflix Anime Series Coming?

When Is The Anime Series Onimusha Coming? Well, get ready for an action-packed anime experience as Netflix prepares to release “Onimusha,” an exciting adaptation of Capcom’s beloved video game franchise.

Scheduled to grace the streaming service in November 2023, fans are eagerly anticipating this Japanese Netflix Original series.

The anime drawing inspiration from the critically acclaimed Onimusha games, promises to deliver an epic tale filled with samurai battles, dark forces, and otherworldly encounters.

The series will be brought to life by the talented duo of Takashi Miike and Shinya Sugai, known for their creative prowess at Sublimation Studio.

With over 8.6 million units sold worldwide, “Onimusha” secures its position as the 9th best-selling franchise in Capcom’s illustrious history, making it a beloved gem cherished by gaming enthusiasts.

Following Sublimation’s success with “Dragon’s Dogma,” expectations for “Onimusha” are soaring, and fans can’t wait to delve into this mesmerizing world of swords and sorcery.

So, stay tuned for more updates on the plot, cast, and thrilling new trailers, as we keep you informed about everything you need to know about this highly anticipated Netflix release of “Onimusha” Season 1.

Onimusha Netflix Anime Series Release Date: When Is It Coming?

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The highly anticipated anime adaptation of Capcom’s Onimusha video game franchise is set to hit Netflix screens on November 2, 2023.

Fans of the action-packed gaming series are eagerly counting down the days for this thrilling adventure to unfold in anime form.

While the date is preliminary, it’s essential to keep in mind that all release dates are subject to change.

However, with the buzz surrounding the series, fans can rest assured that Netflix will soon make an official announcement to confirm the release of Onimusha.

As the anticipation continues to grow, enthusiasts can look forward to more updates, sneak peeks, and behind-the-scenes insights in the coming months.

Brace yourself for an epic journey filled with samurai battles, supernatural encounters, and a tale of heroism that will captivate audiences worldwide.

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What To Expect From The Anime Series Onimusha?


The anime series “Onimusha” delves into the beginning of the Edo period, where Musashi, no longer a young man, embarks on a daring quest with the legendary Oni Gauntlet in hand. His mission: to vanquish the malevolent Genma threatening the realm.

While the anime’s cast is yet to be confirmed, the plot draws inspiration from the first video game set in the Sengoku period of Japan. The story commences with the demise of warlord Nobunaga Oda, who falls in battle.

Princess Yuki’s cousin, Hidemitsu Samanosuke Akechi, becomes concerned about the sudden disappearance of her castle’s servants and sends him a letter seeking help. As Samanosuke investigates, he uncovers that the sinister Genma are the sinister culprits behind these occurrences.

With the Oni clan’s blessings, he gains extraordinary powers to confront and annihilate the Genma, setting the stage for an epic tale of courage, honor, and supernatural battles in “Onimusha.”

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Major Cast Members In The Anime Series Onimusha

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As anticipation for the anime adaptation of “Onimusha” continues to build, fans are eagerly awaiting news about the cast members for both the Japanese and English dubs. As of now, no actors have been officially confirmed for any roles in the series.

However, with the release date drawing near, it’s only a matter of time before Netflix or the production team reveals the talented individuals who will bring the iconic characters to life. So, stay tuned for updates, as we expect to learn more about the cast soon.

Also, the creators will ensure that the beloved characters from the game are faithfully portrayed by skilled voice actors, adding another layer of excitement to the highly-anticipated “Onimusha” anime series.