Pluto Confirmed Release Date Revealed!!!

When Is The Anime Pluto Coming? Well, Pluto a veteran anime lovers are likely familiar with the iconic Astro Boy manga, a pioneering work that eventually became a beloved animated television series. This influential manga served as the inspiration for the gripping Pluto manga, which emerged in the 2000s.

Osamu Tezuka, often hailed as the godfather of manga, holds the distinction of being the genius behind Astro Boy, a creation that played a pivotal role in putting Japanese comics and animations on the global stage.

Pluto, masterfully crafted by the acclaimed author Naoki Urasawa, took the essence of Astro Boy and skillfully revamped it into a dark and thrilling narrative centered around murder mysteries.

Renowned for his other notable titles like Monster, Yawara, and 20th Century Boys, Urasawa’s work has captivated audiences worldwide. Set in a world where humans and robots coexist, Pluto skillfully weaves an intricate tale that explores complex themes.

After 14 years since its original manga series concluded, fans can finally rejoice as Pluto is set to receive an anime adaptation, scheduled to premiere on Netflix sometime in October 2023.

Anime enthusiasts can hardly contain their excitement for this long-awaited adaptation, and this article will provide more information on what to expect from the upcoming anime Pluto.

Pluto Confirmed Release Date Revealed

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The much-anticipated moment has arrived for anime enthusiasts and fans of Pluto, as the beloved manga is making its way to the screen in the form of an anime adaptation.

Set to release on Netflix on October 26, 2023, this exciting news was initially unveiled at the 2017 Annecy International Animated Film Festival in June when Studio M2 announced the production of the Pluto anime.

The journey towards the anime’s realization was further solidified when Netflix secured the exclusive streaming rights in February 2023, working in collaboration with Genco and Tezuka Productions to bring this gripping story to life.

Studio M2 has been entrusted with the animation, ensuring that the visual spectacle remains faithful to the essence of Pluto.

With Netflix offering access to all episodes of Pluto, fans worldwide can eagerly anticipate diving into the gripping story and rediscovering the dark and enthralling universe of Pluto.

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What Is The Plotline Of The Anime Pluto?


The anime adaptation of Pluto follows the story of the legendary Swiss robot Montblanc, renowned for his military service in the 39th Asian War. Tragically, Montblanc is violently murdered, leaving humans and robots alike mourning the loss of the beloved celebrity.

In the years following the war, his popularity soared due to his dedication to nature conservation and affectionate personality. The investigation into Montblanc’s death is undertaken by Gesicht, a robotic Europol detective and a fellow war veteran.

As Gesicht delves further into the investigation, he discovers a trail of evidence leading to an enigmatic presence referred to as “Pluto” and an ominous scheme aimed at dismantling the eight specialized robots that played a crucial role in the war.

With time running out, Gesicht races against the clock to protect the remaining robots, while grappling with his own memories, moral dilemmas, and a world tainted by hatred, all in a desperate attempt to preserve the delicate coexistence between humanity and machines.

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Will There Be Pluto Season 2?


Naoki Urasawa’s acclaimed Pluto manga captured the hearts of readers during its run from September 2003 to April 2009, serialized in the Seinen manga magazine Big Comic Original, published by Shogakukan.

Comprising 65 action-filled acts, some of which are notably lengthy, the manga’s rich and intricate storyline poses a challenge to fit into a single season.

Recognizing this, it is reasonable to anticipate that Netflix’s anime adaptation of Pluto will extend across multiple seasons to faithfully explore and delve into the depth of the narrative.

However, the fate of future seasons rests upon the reception and success of the initial season.

Fans eagerly await the release of the first season on October 26, 2023, hoping that it will embrace the essence of the manga and open the gates to further chapters of this dark and gripping tale of suspense, mystery, and robot-human coexistence.

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More About The Anime Pluto

Masao Maruyama, the producer of the Pluto anime, expressed that the present moment is ideal for adapting the Pluto manga into an anime due to the remarkable advancements in technology and artificial intelligence.

These advancements have even surpassed some of the machinations depicted in the original manga.

The anime will faithfully follow the story of the Pluto manga and will be credited as a collaboration between Naoki Urasawa and the legendary Osamu Tezuka, titled “Naoki Urasawa X Osamu Tezuka.”

The adaptation will be co-authored by Takashi Nagasaki and supervised by Macoto Tezka, with the support of Tezuka Productions.

Studio M2 and GENCO have been entrusted with the animation production, ensuring that fans can anticipate a visually stunning and compelling anime adaptation that stays true to the essence of the original manga.