When Is The Purge 6 Coming?

When Is The Purge 6 Coming? Well, The Purge, a chilling and popular dystopian horror anthology franchise, is making a return with 6th installment.

Titled “The Purge 6,” the upcoming horror-action movie is currently in development, and while the release date is yet to be disclosed, fans are eagerly anticipating its arrival.

The film’s screenplay and direction are in the capable hands of James DeMonaco, who has been the driving force behind the entire franchise, having written all five previous movies and directed the first three.

The franchise’s journey began in 2013 with the release of the first Purge movie, which faced negative reviews initially but surprised everyone by claiming the top spot and grossing nearly $90 million on a modest budget of $3 million.

Following its success, three more Purge movies, both sequels and prequels, continued the franchise’s success with impressive profit margins.

The announcement of “The Forever Purge,” the fifth movie, seemed to signal the end of the franchise according to its creator, James DeMonaco.

However, plans have evolved, and now it seems that a Purge 6 is indeed on the horizon. As fans await further details, the article promises to provide updates on the release date, cast, plotline, and all other related information regarding “The Purge 6.”

The Purge 6 Release Date: When Is It Coming?

The Purge 6
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As of now, the production of a The Purge 6 remains uncertain, but the likelihood of its existence is quite strong.

James DeMonaco, the creator of the Purge franchise, has revealed that he has an idea in mind for a sixth installment, despite originally intending “The Forever Purge” to serve as the conclusion.

This change of plans came after he found inspiration for a follow-up story. However, Jason Blum has stated that “The Purge 6” has not yet been officially confirmed, and DeMonaco himself admitted that Universal Studios is cautious due to concerns about its budget.

As a result, no release date for “The Purge 6” has been announced as it awaits an official greenlight from the studio. Fans will have to stay tuned for further updates to know if the chilling franchise will continue with another installment.

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Who Are the Major Cast Members In The Purge 6?

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The casting for The Purge 6 is difficult to anticipate, as the franchise typically undergoes significant changes in its main cast with each installment.

However, there are hints that familiar faces might make a return in the new Purge movie. Actor Frank Grillo, who portrayed the fan-favorite survivor Leo Barnes in previous films, hinted at a possible comeback in January 2021.

Additionally, it is conceivable that some of the surviving characters from The Forever Purge could reprise their roles, including Ana de la Reguera as Adela, Tenoch Huerta as Juan, and Elizabeth Mitchell as the anti-Purge politician, Charlie Roan, who appeared in Election Year.

While the specific cast remains uncertain, the prospect of beloved characters returning is sure to pique the interest of fans eagerly awaiting more information about The Purge 6.

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What Is The Plotline Of The Purge 6?

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The storyline of The Purge 6 will pick up after the events of The Forever Purge, which left the nation deeply divided.

James DeMonaco, the franchise creator, has expressed how the fictional portrayal of America in these films serves as an exaggerated reflection of the real-life political landscape’s divided nature.

In an intriguing twist, DeMonaco has revealed that The Purge 6 will explore themes related to sexuality and religion, building upon the franchise’s tradition of shedding light on marginalized communities that bear the brunt of The Purge.

The movie’s potential larger scale has been a point of concern for the studio, as DeMonaco hinted at the need for a bigger budget than some of the previous sequels due to the broader impact of the events on the entire country.

While The Purge franchise has historically managed to maintain a relatively low budget while expanding the narrative, the nationwide consequences depicted in The Purge 6 may necessitate the grandest scale the series has ever seen.

As the story delves deeper into societal issues and the effects of The Purge on a national level, fans can expect a compelling and potentially more expansive installment in the acclaimed dystopian horror anthology.

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More About The Purge 6

The Purge 6
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The Purge Stands is a celebrated anthology media franchise hailing from America, encompassing a collection of dystopian action horror films.

The franchise finds its distribution through Universal Pictures, while the creative efforts behind it are the collaborative works of Blumhouse Productions and Platinum Dunes.

Set in a seemingly normal and crime-free America of the near future, the films have garnered a mixed critical reception.

Nonetheless, the franchise has achieved remarkable financial success, grossing over $450 million in total, while being made with a combined production budget of just $53 million.

Thus, this impressive performance has solidified The Purge as a profitable and influential series in the horror genre.