BTS V Dating History! Is He Dating Jennie Of Blackpink?

BTS V who is very well known for being the most handsome man in the world and also a part of the biggest boy band is creating some headlines recently. And it is because of his dating life that is coming in front with the fact of history and also the present.

The same recently happened with a lot of celebrities as their life, especially related to that of personality has now become a matter of public topic.

Whether it is related to their dating life or their married life or even getting separated in that life, everything comes in the front.

The same is happening with BTS V. As we know that Kim Taehyung, the real name of V is a very well-known personality. He is not just related to the Korean industry anymore but being a part of the biggest group in the world, he is also ruling the other entertainment industry.

And due to the same reason, he always highlights whether it is related to his campaign or releasing a new song with a group or solo. Apart from all these things, he is very well known recently because of his relationship status.

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Are BTS V and Blackpink’s Jennie Dating?


The whole group that is, BTS is very well known for the privacy they maintain. It is not just from their side but also from the side of the company.

However, because of the interference of some media and some fans, the personal life and privacy of these members were disturbed.

The same happened when BTS V was recently seen with one of the members of Blackpink, and that is Jennie. Jennie and V both were seen together hand in hand on the street of a foreign land.

The pictures as well as the video of the couple were revealed but the confirmation from the side of the company or the individual artist has yet not arrived.

According to the sources, the couple are in a relationship for more than a year now after Jennie got separated from G Dragon.

Apart from this present scenario, the history of BTS V in terms of relationship is clear. He was not involved with any name at any time like other members of his group.

Some shipping was very much famous among the fans and they try to keep the name of the artist with the other artist’s name.

And due to the same reason, a lot of people generally believe in it. However these artist especially that of BTS V was not at all involved in any relationship apart from Jennie.