Rebel Wilson Talks About Gaining Weight And Becoming Mother!

Rebel Wilson talks about gaining weight and becoming a mother. There are a lot of celebrities who are very much open about their personal life.

Whether it is related to their dating life or their parenting, everything comes in the front through many interviews and many events.

The same happens with their physical transformation where they talk about losing the weight or gaining it or even changing the whole style. It may happen because of some personal and professional reason and that’s what they try to define.

The same recently happened with 43-year-old actress Rebel Wilson. It was back in 2020 when she declared it as a year of Health and lost 70 lbs.

However, in recent times, she gained weight back after welcoming the first child in her life. The actress became a mother in November 2022 with the help of surrogacy and became a single mother.

It is not just about gaining weight but also the schedule change which is affecting the actress as she is not able to sleep properly.

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Rebel Wilson Talks About Gaining Weight And Becoming Mother With Changing Schedule!

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson confessed to gaining weight as she had her baby. Just because she did not give birth to the baby doesn’t mean that she is not giving each and everything to her.

The reason behind gaining weight is the lack of sleep as well as the change in her lifestyle. It can be seen through her gym as she is not able to go which is of the baby as the actress used to.

The actress also recorded some of the stages in her life when she decided to lose weight.

However she just eats it in small portions but at the same time, she also eats pizza and pasta. The actress continued and said that how she was not watching the weight as she would said down and do things.