Selena Gomez Rocked Summer Look In Between The Drama.

Selena Gomez rocks a new avatar in the summer look while going with new bedroom photos. There are a lot of celebrities who decide to update each and everything about their life to their fans. And maybe that is the reason why we get to see a lot of their details on Instagram or other social media platforms.

The same happens in Hollywood where we see a lot of celebrities giving their life updates like that of their professional and some aspects of their personal life. Sometimes it is related to their dating life while other times it is just their home and family life.

The same recently happened with 30-year-old singer Selena Gomez. She came on Instagram and uploaded some pictures of herself in a very new avatar. She was laying down in her bed while wearing a red bra and going with her dark hair.

She threw her dark hair aside while she was looking with a very incredible expression directly towards the camera. One can also see the tan in the picture of the actress coming into different shades.

As soon as the singer uploaded the picture, a lot of fans started appreciating her look. Some people called her look as wholesome while others called her a very hot person.

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Selena Gomez Rocked Summer Look In Between The Drama Created On Social Media!

Selena Gomez

Some people appreciated her time look while others appreciated how she is maintaining herself with time. Another user also focused on the timing and said to get a tanning appointment.

Before uploading the bedroom picture of herself, Selena also shares some of her moments. It was related to relaxing on a boat while wearing a black one-piece suit.

That picture also attracted the attention of a lot of people while the singer was going with a bun. She was seen lifting her arms and closing her eyes to give a perfect pose while accessories herself with the earrings.

If the singer is not getting attention related to her recent look or her Instagram post then she is doing it professionally. And at the same time, she is also going with her personal life.

After being rumored to date Zayn Malik, the singer seems to be in a different mode. She unfollowed a lot of celebrities on Instagram which include Zayn Malik and also other celebrities like Gigi Hadid. It seems like some drama is going on there which is not coming in front of fans and media.

However, a source confirmed that she is not having any kind of hard feelings for anyone she decided to unfollow. But for sure many people are building their theories and coming to a conclusion that is not confirmed by Selena Gomez or shown directly.