Renee Rapp Released New Song, Snow Angel.

Renee remarked that I had never felt so proud and yet terrified of a song.

Published: June 10th, 2023 5:22 am | Updated: June 10, 2023 5:22 am

The lead track from Renee Rapp’s debut album, Snow Angel, produced by Alexander 23, has been released.

Reneé Rapp, a rising artist, just announced the release of new songs. She also revealed that she will play Regina George in the next Mean Girls movie.

Rapp’s skill has been showcased in cinema, but she has always been most passionate about music. Rapp released the lead song and title tune from her upcoming debut album, Snow Angel, on June 9.

The song perfectly encapsulates Rapp’s moving talent for turning difficult experiences into music accompanying her quest for inner strength.

Snow Angel, Rapp’s upcoming song, will be released on June 9, and her first album of the same name will follow on August 18. In November 2022, Polydor UK made Rapp’s Everything To Everyone’s first EP available. As compiled, the top songs of 2022 featured Rapp’s smash single Too Well.

Rapp has been acting in a movie adaptation of Mean Girls: The Musical, in which she plays Plastics leader Regina George, in addition to her burgeoning singing career.

Renee remarked that I had never felt so proud and yet terrified of a song. I joke a lot and am pretty snarky, but this is unique. This was the music you were supposed to hear first, which was how it was all supposed to go.

Along with these comforting words, the song’s instrumentation, which begins with a sorrowful piano and subsequently includes a clashing guitar and rolling percussion, captures the conflicted emotions Rapp has been dealing with throughout her adolescence.

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Renee Rapp Experienced a Profound Epiphany When She Composed Her Debut Song.

The title tune will be the album’s first single, which is about a “traumatic experience” that happened to Reneé in the past.

Her Everything to Everyone EP, published in November 2022, was followed by this upcoming album. After experiencing a tough split in late 2021, Reneé began creating her songs.

“Snow Angel” demonstrates Rapp’s development as a lyricist as she continues to broaden the scope of her already multifaceted artistic expression.

When Alexander 23 and Rapp worked together on the song “Bruises,” which is also about the price of putting on a brave face for other people’s sake, they initially established their unmistakable chemistry.

Today’s haunting ballad will be the album’s first single when it drops this summer. The song “Snow Angel” perfectly encapsulates Rapp’s moving capacity to transform difficult experiences into music that accompanies her quest for inner strength. This common thread binds her tremendous oeuvre together.

Rapp has always been able to captivate audiences with her personas, but she is now ready to show a more vulnerable side of herself through her song. She is a performer who unapologetically expresses her truth in every piece, whether via heartfelt ballads or contagious pop smashes.

As a title track, “Snow Angel” achieves precisely what you’d expect it to do: open the door to Rapp’s most intimate music collection.